Disney v. DeSantis has just been assigned to Judge Walker, who once called the Stop WOKE Act “positively dystopian.”
HOLLYWOOD May 1, 2023
Disney has the upper hand, for now, but it’s rushing headfirst toward a 230-year-old legal obstacle that could force the company to try an even more extraordinary argument: DeSantis is stealing Disney World!
HOLLYWOOD April 24, 2023
Gaming the Murdoch family’s Smartmatic settlement—plus, a look into a last ditch CNN legal maneuver.
In July 2020, Sean Penn’s charitable organization CORE turned Dodger Stadium into the largest testing site in the nation.
HOLLYWOOD April 18, 2023
Penn, and his attorney, Mathew Rosengart, are going to war with the president’s labor board over an attempted crackdown on his charity.
Every job, in every sector, will be impacted by A.I. But the law, with high hourly rates for often straightforward and replicable tasks, seems very vulnerable.
SILICON VALLEY April 17, 2023
Inside a controversial lawsuit over whether A.I. will tear the legal profession asunder.
In December, Lina Khan’s FTC seemed to put the kibosh on the Microsoft-Activision deal, but Wall Street is now growing optimistic that it might close.
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2023
An insider reading of the hottest M&A topics: Hulu, Activision, Illumina, and more.
Bachelorette contestant Blake Horstmann apparently pushed the limits of his contract by appearing on several “tell all” podcasts.
HOLLYWOOD March 27, 2023
Hollywood’s most litigious reality TV producer takes Blake Horstmann for $175k. Plus updates on the Girardi-‘Housewives’ mystery.
A recent ruling that the jury must be kept anonymous in E. Jean Carroll’s case against Donald Trump might lead to a host of problems if Trump is indicted.
HOLLYWOOD March 27, 2023
News and notes on the most consequential, underlooked legal industry stories of the moment, and the attorneys behind them.
Tiger Woods and ex girlfriend Erica Herman at the 2022 US Open in New York City.
HOLLYWOOD March 20, 2023
A new suit over ex Erica Herman and a Hobe Sound mansion could open the floodgates for litigious exes waiting to take a swing at their former celebrity flames.
The wallet buster for Fox and the Murdochs in Dominion v. Fox News will whittle down to two calculations: putative damages, and alleged “diminution of enterprise value.”
HOLLYWOOD March 13, 2023
Right now, either Dominion or Fox is misjudging the financial situation. So which side is it?
WBD C.E.O. David Zaslav and chairman of Liberty Media John Malone.
HOLLYWOOD March 6, 2023
Bricklayers, government workers, the Newhouses, ‘Batgirl,’ and Chris Wallace’s CNN+ deal are all factoring into two suits contesting the formation of Warner Bros. Discovery—and, more bizarrely, contesting each other!
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