jeff bezos blue origin
SILICON VALLEY March 4, 2024
The surreal legal drama around how Musk’s $55 billion clawback could ricochet onto Jeff Bezos in their aerospace rivalry. Plus, notes on Ari Emanuel’s ongoing headaches with Vince McMahon.
bob iger
MEDIA February 26, 2024
Assessing the D.O.J.’s case against the most famous Big Three in sports media history.
donald trump
MEDIA February 19, 2024
Gaming out Trump’s various legal nightmares, and the second-order effects, with rainmaker Ted Boutrous.
gina carano
HOLLYWOOD February 12, 2024
The wrongful termination suit, bankrolled by Elon Musk, over the actress’ firing from ‘The Mandalorian,’ is being portrayed as a battle over free speech. But the real stakes are much more complex—and Carano may be a proxy for political interests who view her as a different kind of star.

elon musk
MEDIA February 5, 2024
Notes from the legal bar, in Wilmington and Washington, on Musk’s latest board entanglement and Byron Allen’s political play for Paramount.
kevin spacey
HOLLYWOOD February 5, 2024
The ‘House of Cards’ star has quietly reached an extraordinary settlement that would wipe his debt clean if he testifies on behalf of MRC, the producer of the hit Netflix series, in its $150 million insurance claim.
Swift is reportedly contemplating legal action over those deepfakes, but her options are limited.
HOLLYWOOD January 29, 2024
The White House is calling for new laws to prevent the scourge of A.I. pornography. But poking holes in Section 230, the legal heat shield surrounding Silicon Valley, may be harder than it seems. And Hollywood may want a word, too…
The New York Times covered the Trump tax return saga when the leaker, Chaz Littlejohn, was charged in September—but since that initial story, the paper has basically ignored their source and his predicament.
HOLLYWOOD January 22, 2024
Anticipating the legal denouement of a vexing legal soap opera featuring Trump, Ken Griffin, a modern Snowden, and The New York Times.

fugees singer Pras Michel
HOLLYWOOD January 15, 2024
Another surprising bend in Pras Michel’s tragic quest to reclaim his name, and $75 million, in the face of seemingly endless legal woes.
The New York Times is trying to sell a court on the notion that ChatGPT, the chatbot operated by Sam Altman’s OpenAI, is a plagiarist, mimicking their unique expression of facts.
MEDIA January 8, 2024
Gaming out the motivations, the countermoves, and the likely endgame of the Times-OpenAI legal fracas.
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