Sam Bankman-Fried
SILICON VALLEY September 18, 2023
Bankman-Fried is relying, in part, on a complicated and risky advice-of-counsel strategy. It might lead to one of the more dramatic courtroom moments in recent legal history.
Selena Gomez will be seeking at least $10 million in compensatory damages in a lawsuit with implication for A.I.-related legal battles to come.
SILICON VALLEY September 11, 2023
As the A.I. age beckons, three cases could make or break an emerging industry: Selena Gomez’s digital doppelganger, the Grammys fallout from a Drake deepfake, and a face-tuning legal trap.
In November 2021, Tatiana Spottiswoode testified before the House Judiciary Committee about her relationship with Zia Chishti, and how Chishti allegedly subjected her to humiliating situations at work and sent her disturbing emails.
HOLLYWOOD September 4, 2023
The bizarre story of a disgraced C.E.O. attempting to win back his reputation. It’s a plot that involves former lawyers for Harvey Weinstein and Gretchen Carlson, landmark legislation, Congress, and more.
Stephanie Ruhle’s swift ascent in journalism owed, in large part, to her years in the trenches on Wall Street, genuine financial acuity, and rolodex.
MEDIA August 28, 2023
A recent shareholder lawsuit against Under Armour, which calls into question an on-air report by former Bloomberg and current MSNBC star Stephanie Ruhle, reveals the complexity and nuance of how some financial journalism is produced.

Writer, director, and former actress Justine Bateman recently said that, regarding A.I., studios might be overlooking the “largest copyright violation in the history of the United States.”
HOLLYWOOD August 21, 2023
Thoughts on a looming tech reckoning, Iger’s “Avatar” profit-sharing dilemma, and the “Blind Side” legal imbroglio.
The Lizzo complaint ventures into intriguing territory.
HOLLYWOOD August 7, 2023
Assessing the viability of the most bizarre celebrity lawsuits in recent memory: Remini’s bout against the Church of Scientology and the weird Lizzo sitch, both of which will likely face First Amendment scrutiny.
Protestors gathering in front of the Repsol-YPF headquarters in Buenos Aires, demanding the nationalization of the company in December 2008.
WALL STREET July 31, 2023
Burford Capital bet $15 million that it could take Argentina to the cleaners. The outcome could be worth billions—if Burford can get anyone to pay.
MEDIA July 31, 2023
The former president is demanding the network turn over footage and communications that he could use to defend himself against a civil lawsuit from police officers who blame him for the Capitol riot.

What started as a seemingly trivial quarrel over soundproofing has escalated into an eight-year odyssey of fiery lawsuits between the actor Justin Theroux and his neighbor.
HOLLYWOOD July 24, 2023
The morality tale of a celebrity tenant, a pissed off lawyer jonesing for a final battle, and the bonds that tie us all: co-op boards.
The playbook for how to effectively challenge Lina Khan’s regulatory efforts is now out in the open.
HOLLYWOOD July 17, 2023
Lina Khan, Biden’s wunderkind antitrust impresario, was long considered an M&A spoilsport. But Microsoft’s successful workaround in its attempted acquisition of Activision may pave a path for Iger to sell off ABC, ESPN, and much more.
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