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Shari Redstone, Paramount Global’s controlling owner, is facing not one but two advanced shareholder lawsuits over how she melded CBS and Viacom a few years ago.
HOLLYWOOD February 6, 2023
Two lawsuits and a “careless” private email promise an inside look at Paramount’s M&A ambitions—including, potentially, Shari’s plans for CBS.
The prospect of A.I. taking human jobs has escalated rapidly, so it’s no surprise that it’s caught the attention of Hollywood guilds, which are about to negotiate new overall deals with studios.
HOLLYWOOD February 6, 2023
Artificial intelligence is already threatening to replace animators, impersonate actors, and make thousands of jobs obsolete. The industry’s biggest union just took its first step to fire back.
The Bulgari family in 2009. The daughters are now embroiled in an intrafamily legal fight.
HOLLYWOOD January 30, 2023
A contentious divorce, dueling heirs, a mysterious banker, and a secret marriage? Enter David Boies…
Superlawyer David Boies’ latest target is Mark Cuban, who announced a sponsorship deal in October 2021 that made Voyager the official crypto partner of the Dallas Mavericks.
HOLLYWOOD January 30, 2023
David Boies opens up about his novel legal stratagem to sue the bejesus out of Tom Brady, Gisele, and Larry David over FTX’s collapse—and why he’s coming for Mark Cuban next.

alec baldwin
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2023
News and notes on Bankman-Fried’s mystery financial backers, Baldwin’s manslaughter case, and the Biden administration’s legal war with Hollywood.
WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas
MEDIA January 16, 2023
After subduing the board and body-slamming his critics, the pro wrestling outfit’s controlling shareholder appears unstoppable. Could a long-shot shareholder lawsuit unwind his power before a sale?
"Alex Cross" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
HOLLYWOOD January 9, 2023
A controversial lawsuit featuring a “General Hospital” star who found god over Covid vaccines may put Hollywood itself on trial.
Mickey's 90th Spectacular
HOLLYWOOD January 2, 2023
Yes, the earliest version of Disney’s most iconic character will be out of copyright soon. But you may be surprised by what happens thereafter.

Sam Bankman-Fried
HOLLYWOOD December 26, 2022
Bar heavies and white shoe litigators weigh in with their most provocative legal predictions for 2023: on the future of Hollywood M&A, Murdoch’s defamation headache, Trump’s obstruction jeopardy, and more.
Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY December 19, 2022
The explosion of litigation stemming from Musk’s rampage at Twitter—mass firings, gag orders, jilted shareholders and vendors—threatens to expedite the company’s astounding downfall into the hands of its creditors. Too bad he’s fired so many lawyers.
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