Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos
HOLLYWOOD May 2, 2022
As Hollywood grapples with the gritty new economics of streaming, industry dealmakers are closely watching whether Netflix will ever pull the ripcord on its singular refusal to provide backend comp.
Jason Clarke
HOLLYWOOD April 25, 2022
NBA legend Jerry West is demanding a retraction over Winning Time and is hinting at a lawsuit. He’d probably lose, but an industry-shaking upset could depend on… Netflix.
Disneylands Avengers Campus Opens
HOLLYWOOD April 18, 2022
Fifty years ago, Washington created a legal time bomb that allows the creators behind everything from Robocop and Beetlejuice to The Avengers multiverse to terminate their copyright grants and renegotiate. Welcome to the I.P. apocalypse.
Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY April 11, 2022
Twitter’s newest activist investor could be called to testify this week at Johnny Depp defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. If it happens, it wouldn’t be his first time on the stand.
Stephen Elliott
HOLLYWOOD April 4, 2022
Notes from the legal underbelly of the #MeToo movement, and other pressing issues on my docket.
FaZe Clan
SILICON VALLEY April 1, 2022
FaZe Clan, a gaming and influencer entertainment company, is trying to clean up its image before going public at a $1 billion valuation. Its legal filings reveal a far messier backstory.
HOLLYWOOD March 29, 2022
ABC, the F.C.C., the L.A.P.D… How Hollywood and the law enforcement are making sense of slapgate, one day later.
Andy Warhol
HOLLYWOOD March 21, 2022
Will the Supreme Court save the $1.7 trillion art market? Some in the art world are worried that a copyright ruling last year could make it unlawful to derive recognizable inspiration from something else.
Chris Cuomo
HOLLYWOOD March 17, 2022
Interestingly, some of the precedent for the filing hangs on a previous suit—regarding Michael Jackson, no less—that is already being contested by some of the very same players. Plus, Fox News’ fresh legal headache.
Les Moonves
HOLLYWOOD March 15, 2022
The former television executive, despite losing his $120 million severance, is still costing CBS money following his #MeToo defenestration.
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