claude monet art auction
ART May 7, 2024
Amid this unpredictable art market, nearly a quarter of the work coming to auction has already been guaranteed by third-party bidders. Is that a feat of financial engineering or a sign of the state of the confidence game?
Sotheby's Andy Warhol Jean-Michel Basquiat "Untitled"
ART May 5, 2024
As gigaweek begins in New York, the big auction houses are fantasizing about more than a billion in sales—down from last year, sure, but also not terrible for a year without a signature artist or collection in the spotlight.
Inigo Philbrick
ART April 30, 2024
News, notes, and fresh reporting on Inigo Philbrick’s attempt to rehabilitate himself and get back in the game after his $86 million fraud.
Pierre Bonnard painting art museum
ART April 28, 2024
News and notes on the Phillips Collection’s huge Bonnard show, and Boesky’s just-closed exhibit of a very, very new painter.

Hans Neuendorf
ART April 23, 2024
Before Artnet, dealers and auction houses had a stranglehold on information. Then came Hans Neuendorf… and nothing has been the same since.
Patrick Drahi
ART April 23, 2024
Facing a mountain of debt both on his private auction house and public company, Altice, Sotheby’s owner Patrick Drahi is implementing a neat little trick to maximize revenue without increasing sales. Will it work? His competition isn’t sure yet…
joan mitchell Claude Monet paintings
ART April 23, 2024
A stagnant May auction season in New York just got a major jolt via six works by O’Keeffe, Carrington, and Mitchell, with combined low estimates of nearly $60 million.
sotheby's auction gustav klimt
ART April 23, 2024
The business of art, often misunderstood in the media, is a mysterious alchemy of ego, economic cycles, and a genuine passion for the sublime. But explaining the unexplainable is why I joined Puck.

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