Dustin Moskovitz in 2017
SILICON VALLEY August 5, 2021
Dustin Moskovitz has been reluctant since the beginning to embrace his power as a fixer. But after Clinton lost, he wised up—and gingerly leaned in.
Pierre Omidyar in 2010
SILICON VALLEY July 22, 2021
The French-born Buddhist is among the most subversive of the Silicon Valley billionaires—and quietly on the cusp of a surprising reemergence.
JD Vance at the Allen and Co. Sun Valley conference
SILICON VALLEY July 14, 2021
Drama at the Gates Foundation, billionaire biohacking, and the dance of the Thiel protégés.
Bill And Melinda Gates
Leaked audio reveals a philanthropic giant in the throes of a tabloid drama with billion-dollar implications.
Patrick Collison
Notes and observations on Silicon Valley philanthropy, the red-pilling of Larry Ellison, "Zuckerbucks," and the future of the L.A. Clippers.
Peter Thiel Speaks In Beijing.
SILICON VALLEY June 29, 2021
While Thiel has to be raking in locker-room high-fives from his libertarian buddies, Buffett’s recent public comments convey a more red-faced vibe.
Joe Biden Attends Manhattan Beach Fundraiser
SILICON VALLEY June 29, 2021
What $1 million won't buy you in Bidenworld.
Jeff Bezos Speaks At Economic Club Of Washington
SILICON VALLEY June 22, 2021
Notes on Eric Schmidt's 9/11-style commission, Biden's next fundraiser, and the latest developments in the Gates-Epstein scandal.
SV Angel Co-Founder and Managing Partner Ron Conway
SILICON VALLEY June 17, 2021
Titans of the technology industry are battling over whether to recall Gavin Newsom or keep him in office.
Peter Thiel at a 2018 New York Times Dealbook event.
SILICON VALLEY June 10, 2021
Six months after Donald Trump was ousted from office, the venture capitalist who helped put him in the White House is surprisingly poised to be more powerful than ever
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