Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
WASHINGTON October 7, 2021
The greatest looming question in American politics is, alas, whether Trump will run for president again. And if he does, will his closest family members—“the interns,” as they were known in the west wing—ride shotgun once again?
Mike Pence Addresses GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner In New Hampshire
WASHINGTON September 20, 2021
The former vice president is looking to thread a political needle: disavow Trump, make nice with the guy’s supporters, and somehow cash in on what’s left of his Republican street cred. Will that persuade donors in advance of 2024? And what will Mother think?
Donald Trump at the Evander Holyfield fight
WASHINGTON September 13, 2021
As the aging Palm Beach prince ponders his future, a vortex of political calculations are coming into view. And while the perks of post-presidential life may be compelling (who doesn’t want to hang out with Evander Holyfield), many on the far right know that the party is his—and they believe Biden is uniquely vulnerable to a rematch.
Pro-Trump protestors riot at the Capitol
PUCK September 12, 2021
It takes a new kind of media company to cover Republican politics in the post-Trump era.
President Donald Trump greets Ron DeSantis during a campaign rally in 2018.
WASHINGTON August 26, 2021
Supporting Trump’s Big Lie is quietly becoming an essential issue for Republican candidates. Can they still run to be his heir while attesting that he never lost in the first place?
My Pillow CEO and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.
WASHINGTON August 18, 2021
Scenes from Mike Lindell's dystopian post-Trump Trump convention.
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