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The Thomases
WASHINGTON July 6, 2022
The SCOTUS conservative majority’s unofficial First Lady has driven liberals berserk with her Trumpism, January 6th adjacency, and anti-Roe activism. It’s enough to make some in this town wonder if her Facebook posts narrate her husband’s internal monologue.
Cassidy Hutchinson
WASHINGTON June 29, 2022
According to the elite Republican operatives I surveyed after the Hutchinson testimony, a quiet estrangement is gradually accelerating.
Ron and Casey
WASHINGTON June 22, 2022
In some ways, the DeSantii are the political marriage of our times. Were it not for Casey DeSantis, her husband might be just another ambitious Ivy League Republican with presidential aspirations. The former TV anchor is increasingly viewed as the brains of the operation—and the brawn.
WASHINGTON June 8, 2022
As the accomplished operative circles Mar-a-Lago with potential 2024 ambitions, some in Trumpworld are bracing for impact.

Roe and Youngkin
PUCK June 1, 2022
While two centimillionaires (or thereabouts) go to court over who really won Pennsylvania’s G.O.P. Senate primary, Jeff Roe, McCormick’s Trump-curious campaign manager, appears to be leveraging the recount battle into an audition for his next gig: re-electing Donald Trump.
Ron DeSantis
WASHINGTON May 25, 2022
DeSantis is exhibiting all the unteachable culture war-stoking, MAGA flame-throwing gifts that Trump seeded in 2015-6. And the party seems to be tilting, in now perceptible ways, toward his approach.
WASHINGTON May 19, 2022
Has the movement Trump created now moved beyond him?
WASHINGTON May 11, 2022
After spending tens of millions, dragging in Hope Hicks, and kissing babies up and down the Keystone state, the two megarich MAGA poseurs may have beat each other into submission—and handed the race to someone else.

Dave McCormick
WASHINGTON May 4, 2022
A G.O.P. candy bowl: Finger-pointing in Dave-vs.-Oz, the House’s Lindsay Lohan, and Geoff Morrell’s own Disney crisis comms.
Dave and Dina
WASHINGTON April 29, 2022
Notes on Dr. Oz’s battle against former beloved hedge fund titan David McCormick for the hearts and minds of the Rust Belt. Plus: News on how Kevin McCarthy kept his job, and the Right’s lust for Elon.
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