Jeff Zucker on the set of The Today Show
MEDIA February 9, 2022
Media and business gossips are already speculating about Jeff Zucker’s next move once the CNN imbroglio dies down. Zucker’s tenure atop NBCU may provide some clues.
David Zaslav
WALL STREET February 6, 2022
The inside conversation on Wall Street about Warner’s CNN headache, AMC’s meme-bond offering, and Jamie Dimon’s dream job.
Lloyd Blankfein, David Solomon and Stephen Scherr
WALL STREET February 2, 2022
How the most prestigious bank on Wall Street became smaller than JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Citi. And the M&A deals that could put it back on top.
Bill Ackman at the 2021 US Open
WALL STREET January 30, 2022
The inside conversation on Wall Street about Pershing’s new investment thesis, the wisdom of Warren Buffett, and JPMorgan in the penalty box.
Michael Saylor
WALL STREET January 26, 2022
Why didn’t Microsoft buy Activision with its near-all-time-high stock? Why did Michael Saylor convert MicroStrategy’s treasury reserves into Bitcoin? Perhaps it’s because, as Ray Dalio says, “cash is trash.”
SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son
WALL STREET January 23, 2022
Notes on Peloton’s market value collapse, Netflix’s future, M&A arbitrage, and Apollo’s next potential pound of flesh.
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
WALL STREET January 19, 2022
One lawyer’s quest for ten thousand pages of documents surrounding the F.B.I.’s 2006 investigation of the now-deceased predator. Plus: Notes on my dealings with the S.E.C. and Lazard Frères.
Jamie Dimon
WALL STREET January 16, 2022
What’s really going on between Wall Street’s blockchain envy, bonus season at Goldman, and Larry Fink’s god complex.
Jeffrey Immelt
MEDIA January 12, 2022
NBCUniversal is now probably worth well north of $100 billion—a significant chunk of Comcast’s $230 billion market value. So why the hell did GE sell it for $30 billion a decade ago?
Bob Iger Rings Opening Bell At NY Stock Exchange
WALL STREET January 9, 2022
Notes on Wall Street's post post-Covid deal frenzy, the legacy of Bob Iger, and Silicon Valley's new digital gold rush.
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