Trading Floor Cubicle
WALL STREET July 27, 2022
Revisiting an endless scorched-earth FINRA saga that could only take place in the culture’s most bizarrely regulated industry. Merrill, Wells Fargo, Greenberg Taurig, Lowenstein Sandler: this has ‘em all.
Cathie Wood
WALL STREET July 24, 2022
Notes on the Elon suit and recession anticipation, among other Wall Street dish and concerns.
Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings
WALL STREET July 20, 2022
After a less disappointing second quarter earnings report, Netflix appears to be vectoring in the right direction. And yet the stock is still trading 64 percent below its peak, and its officers and directors only own 2.4 percent of its shares in a single-class structure. It could be a pretty appetizing target in a rapidly consolidating entertainment-tech ecosystem.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET July 17, 2022
The depths of Musk’s legal troubles are clearly laid out in the complaint that Twitter’s attorneys filed in Delaware this week. The legal war is just starting.

Warren Buffett
WALL STREET July 13, 2022
While so many asset managers are titillated by post-correction Big Tech stocks, the Oracle is doubling down on… oil and gas? Will the asset-heavy, lower multiple play be his ultimate zag?
Elon Musk
WALL STREET July 10, 2022
Wall Street predicts Elon’s exit collateral damage. Plus: Is Netflix’s true EBITDA $20 billion, or adjusted to $6.5 billion? The company won’t say—which may be one reason Wall Street isn’t buying.
Bill Ackman
WALL STREET July 6, 2022
Yes, the stock is down 70 percent and there are legitimate frets about an emerging ad-tier, churn, and increased competition. But the company is only trading at about 4x EBITDA while Tesla is trading at, um, 55x. This is not investment advice, but something weird is going on here.
Donald Trump
WALL STREET July 3, 2022
What the lawyers are saying. Plus notes on S.B.F.’s dip-buying moves and Elon Musk’s new competition.

Markus Dohle
WALL STREET June 29, 2022
Penguin Random House has been waiting two years to pay some $2 billion for Simon & Schuster. Is the Justice Department sticking up for aggrieved authors, or being a political pain in the ass?
Michael Saylor
WALL STREET June 26, 2022
News and notes on Bitcoin’s true believers, BuzzFeed’s self-immolation, Buffett’s $19 million meal, and the cynical upside of divided government.
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