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Iger & Optimism in Hollywood’s Labor War

Photo: Getty
Jonathan Handel
December 1, 2022

Hollywood is increasingly abuzz about the possibility of a Writers Guild strike this spring. A large chunk of the community is convinced a walkout is all but certain. Making definitive predictions on this is about as advisable as filming a three-hour movie, but there is tea to spill. In particular, two recent developments, both largely underappreciated, have actually reduced the likelihood of a strike.

Several weeks ago, Matt Belloni wrote that predictions regarding a May 2 strike are “a bit silly and premature; the Directors Guild hasn’t even started negotiating, as is expected soon, and those talks typically set the tone for SAG-AFTRA and the WGA” That’s still true, but here’s what’s new: a recent DGA statement, and the return of Bob Iger to Disney.