Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA.
HOLLYWOOD May 22, 2023
News, notes, and fresh reporting on a multi-front evolving legal situation.
The Directors Guild of America negotiating committee chair, Jon Avnet.
HOLLYWOOD May 14, 2023
A crystal ball into the posturing, pressure points and players in a potential pact that could also set the table for a WGA deal—and maybe end the strike.
HOLLYWOOD April 30, 2023
It’s also a battle over increased transparency, and the knowledge that future labor fights will be informed by the data that is currently hoarded by the studios and streamers.
Are WGA president Meredith Stiehm and guild leadership strategically trying to run up against the contract deadline?
HOLLYWOOD April 2, 2023
Rumors of progress between the guild and the studios may be overstated as the two sides hardly negotiate in the negotiating room and guild leadership has leaned into a scorched-earth, down-to-the-wire strategy.
The ’07 WGA strike in Los Angeles and the accompanying solidarity march.
HOLLYWOOD February 12, 2023
As the WGA consults its angry members on big demands ahead of negotiations, here are the likely theaters of war—and what could drive a walkout.
HOLLYWOOD December 1, 2022
A recent DGA statement and Bob Iger’s return to Disney present two critical data points in the looming battle bewitching Hollywood and the possibility of a Writers Guild strike.
U2 Concert 1993
HOLLYWOOD October 2, 2022
The post-Covid move toward “self tape” auditions has spawned a veritable arms race among actors to create featurette-style videos, and an entire pay-to-play cottage industry to produce them. Hollywood’s biggest union wants to dial it back.