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Rhode Trip

Hailey Bieber rhode
Hailey Bieber's ability to cross-promote, marry, and extend the life cycle of the trends she creates ­is uncanny. Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rhode
Rachel Strugatz
February 28, 2024

Oh, Jesus: Far too many people messaged me a few weeks back after model Hailey Bieber posted a selfie teasing a new phone case-slash-lip gloss holder from her beauty brand, Rhode. Some were ostensibly in awe of this clever little product; others were starfuckers; and some were simply confused why Bieber was deviating from her core beauty remit. And, yes, many pointed out the lurid and phallic architecture of this little contraption. “This looks like a medical model of intercourse,” read one of my texts.

My friends and professional contacts weren’t the only ones taken by this prurient little innovation. The broader online public, too, was enamored with this seemingly basic silicone techcessory, which was perfectly sized to fit Rhode lip gloss (hence the “unique” shape). The Rhodussy, as the internet coined it (I suggest you read the comments), had a waitlist of more than 150,000 people before it even went on sale, I was told. The $35 case, designed in the beauty brand’s signature light gray, was produced by branding agency twelveNYC, and was sold out within minutes.