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estee lauder Fabrizio Freda, William Lauder, Leonard Lauder
FASHION June 12, 2024
News and notes on the very drawn out succession planning at Estée and the quasi-Shakespearean dynamic underpinning it all.
Fabrizio Freda
FASHION June 5, 2024
News and notes on the most pressing murmurs in the beauty industry: Estée Lauder’s consummation of the Deciem deal, Freda’s decision to go mass, and an unlikely turnaround play at Olaplex.
Heela Yang Sol de Janeiro
FASHION May 29, 2024
News and notes on the latest intrigue consuming beauty insiders: Sol de Janeiro leapfrogging Rare Beauty at Sephora and Glossier’s Balm Dotcom pivot.
hailey bieber v selena gomez
FASHION May 22, 2024
News and notes on Hailey Bieber’s entrance into the blush wars, and her new foe: Selena Gomez.

bella hadid Orebella
FASHION May 15, 2024
News and notes on the surprising or unsurprising promise of Bella Hadid’s new line, Ôrəbella.
Fabrizio Freda
FASHION May 8, 2024
A post-post-pandemic comeback for The Estée Lauder Companies hasn’t erased doubts about C.E.O. Fabrizio Freda, his turnaround plan, and another round of layoffs. Could M&A be the answer to get Lauder back in business?
Vennette Ho
FASHION May 1, 2024
Vennette Ho, the Aryeh of beauty (Google it), is helping Sarah Gibson Tuttle’s nail brand, Olive & June, explore an exit. It’s the latest sign of a dynamic (and maybe even frothy) market and an ascendant banker pulling the strings.
Gregg Renfrew
FASHION April 24, 2024
How Gregg Renfrew wrestled her company back from the supple palms of private equity.

kylie jenner
FASHION April 17, 2024
Nearly a decade after her initial success, Kylie Jenner’s brand is out of date and her tactics have been mainstreamed. So what’s a Kardashian to do?
Katherine Power
FASHION April 10, 2024
Merit is the latest beauty brand to hire Goldman Sachs to explore an exit—in part because its clever and connected founder, Katherine Power, shorted the D.T.C. trend all along.
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