Zit for Tat

Julie Schott Brian Bordainick starface
Starface is only one of several businesses Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick have founded together, including Julie and Futurewise. Photo: Starface
Lauren Sherman
February 1, 2024

Over the summer, I was catching up with an investor in the consumer space, and somehow the subject of our conversation turned to Starface, the cute zit-sticker brand founded in 2019 by Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick. The investor asked me how big I thought it was. I don’t know, I said, maybe $10 million in annual sales? 

I had known about Starface essentially from the start. But I didn’t really know about Starface. I’ve dipped in and out of beauty throughout my career, but my reporting has mostly been on the prestige market—my favorite subject—where the luxury groups play. Starface, to me, was just another D.T.C. brand—and a very Gen Z D.T.C. brand at that—which happened to be co-founded by my former colleague’s husband and her best friend. It seemed like a fun business, but one I would never myself need to study.