Portraits of the Young Artists…

Allison Zuckerman
Allison Zuckerman’s recent sale was particularly notable because she is one of 108 artists whose work had never sold at auction before 2020, but who has since gone on to generate single sales of more than $250,000. Photo: Lexie Moreland/WWD/Penske Media/Getty Images
Marion Maneker
June 11, 2024

Last Tuesday, a friend on Instagram alerted me to what he thought was a bombshell: Allison Zuckerman’s Woman With Her Pet, a 2017 painting that mixes Old Master iconography with pastiches of other art historical references, had sold at Christie’s for just $20,000. The sale was noteworthy, of course, because the same painting sold in November 2021 for 10 times that amount

Generally, when someone points out these kinds of market pullbacks, I respond that I’m more impressed that someone was willing to pay $20,000 than I am shocked by the drop, itself. Unfortunately, that’s one of the unique features of the art market: Works that trade too frequently are treated like damaged goods, even though nothing has changed about the object itself. It’s just a matter of perception.