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Mike Bloomberg and Justin Smith
HOLLYWOOD November 12, 2021
Can Bloomberg remake the global hobnobbing and policy circuit in its image? Seems like it. Also, some internal Disney deliberations.
Brian Williams
HOLLYWOOD November 10, 2021
By sticking around to write a second act at MSNBC, Williams has positioned himself to write a third act somewhere else, and seemingly everything is on the table—except the CBS Evening News.
Mark Zuckerberg
SILICON VALLEY October 28, 2021
In the middle of perhaps the most consequential scandal of his career, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his new vision for the metaverse and revealed the name of his new parent company, Meta, which will comprise all of his social platforms, including Facebook. We chatted about all this, and what the internet will look like in a decade, among other things.
New York Times succession drama
MEDIA October 22, 2021
The inside scoop on the three media stories that everyone is talking about this Friday: The New York Times’ forthcoming succession horse race, Axel’s consummation of Politico, and a little more juice about Facebook’s new identity.

Disney ESPN
HOLLYWOOD October 15, 2021
Bob Chapek has asked some of his closest deputies to explore the strategic rationale for potentially spinning off the sports network, sources say. As one person with knowledge of the discussions told me, “There are now conversations happening regularly at Disney about whether or not to spin off ESPN.”
Facebook Whistle Blower Frances Haugen
MEDIA October 8, 2021
Despite coverage suggesting the contrary, Facebook is not facing an existential crisis, and Frances Haugen is far from Facebook's worst nightmare. In fact, she might even be the company’s ideal whistleblower.
Jeff Zucker
HOLLYWOOD September 29, 2021
Zucker, who was expected to depart from CNN in December, will now stay on through the inception of CNN+, and into 2022. Amid rumors of a high-profile promotion at the forthcoming Warner Bros. Discovery, he has told at least one friend that he would be happier staying in his current position, building out the new company's global news and sports businesses.
Bryan Lourd
HOLLYWOOD September 27, 2021
A surprise merger announcement underscores the new economic logic of Hollywood in the streaming era, where only the largest entities survive.

Chris Cuomo
HOLLYWOOD September 24, 2021
A few high-level NBC sources have told me that Maddow's departure will likely have ripple effects across the network, and could precipitate an overhaul of the entire evening lineup.
Rachel Maddow Speaks At Harvard
HOLLYWOOD September 22, 2021
The broadcast icon’s $30 million-a-year overall deal is a triumph for her (and Ari, and even Shell and Conde). But who will replace her at 9 p.m.? A potential successor has emerged.
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