New York Times
SILICON VALLEY December 17, 2021
The Athletic has now entered into exclusive talks with The New York Times about a sale. Here’s the logic.
Chris Wallace
HOLLYWOOD December 15, 2021
Is Zucker’s poaching of Chris Wallace a harbinger of CNN+’s centrism and maturity, or a trophy hire to buy time for a new streamer. Or (hint!) both, and then some?
Brian Roberts and Bobby Kotick
HOLLYWOOD December 10, 2021
Three questions, predictions, and some insider gossip about potential media moves and acquisitions in the new year.
Chris Cuomo
HOLLYWOOD December 8, 2021
The existential crisis of cable news extends beyond the firing of Chris Cuomo and the exit of Rachel Maddow. Their replacements in the 9 p.m. hour will indicate how CNN and MSNBC can reposition their brands in the streaming era.
Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper on CNN
HOLLYWOOD December 3, 2021
Inside the post-Cuomo, post-Maddow primetime parlor game at CNN and MSNBC as the talent well runs dry amid the new streaming order.
Bob Iger
HOLLYWOOD December 1, 2021
As Disney’s charismatic leader completes his choreographed exit, the mood inside Burbank approaches a state of dread. Plus: Is Chris Cuomo finito at David Zaslav’s CNN?
Aryeh Bourkoff and Jeff Zucker
HOLLYWOOD November 26, 2021
A conversation with Puck editor-in-chief Jon Kelly about the rapid evolution and cutthroat future of the media-technology business.
Joe Scarborough
HOLLYWOOD November 22, 2021
The network faces a deepening talent retention crisis: As Maddow prepares to step back from primetime, will "Morning Joe" be the next payday?
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD November 19, 2021
Plus: Could Joe Scarborough be the next loose-in-the-saddle talent to put the screws to MSNBC?
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick
SILICON VALLEY November 17, 2021
Amid federal and state investigations, allegations of a “frat boy” culture, and a damning report in the Journal, Activision employees have staged a walkout, and the media has called for a blood sacrifice, as Logan Roy might say. But the Sun Valley crowd thinks Kotick isn’t going anywhere—yet.
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