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Andy Warhol
HOLLYWOOD March 21, 2022
Will the Supreme Court save the $1.7 trillion art market? Some in the art world are worried that a copyright ruling last year could make it unlawful to derive recognizable inspiration from something else.
Chris Cuomo
HOLLYWOOD March 17, 2022
Interestingly, some of the precedent for the filing hangs on a previous suit—regarding Michael Jackson, no less—that is already being contested by some of the very same players. Plus, Fox News’ fresh legal headache.
Les Moonves
HOLLYWOOD March 15, 2022
The former television executive, despite losing his $120 million severance, is still costing CBS money following his #MeToo defenestration.
Jeffrey Goldberg
MEDIA March 14, 2022
Ruth Shalit Barrett’s lawsuit against the august magazine’s parent company, and its own recently-filed motion to dismiss, address many complex issues about her past as a plagiarist. Naturally, perhaps, it also comes down to narrative framing.

HOLLYWOOD March 9, 2022
Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine is reshaping the global economy. And for Hollywood, that means one thing: a torrent of future litigation.
Max Scherzer
MEDIA March 8, 2022
As the stalemate between owners and players drags on, a once-unthinkable legal maneuver is now on the table.
Bill Cosby
HOLLYWOOD March 7, 2022
News on Cosby’s coming trial, one of the ugliest divorces in Hollywood, and Activision’s bizarre legal headache.
HOLLYWOOD March 3, 2022
New legal filings explain the latest developments in a bizarre legal skirmish involving an indie darling, former actor D.A., and the Texas appeals court.

Ketanji Brown Jackson
HOLLYWOOD February 28, 2022
Ketanji Brown Jackson could be an unpredictable vote on media cases with no easy answers. Meanwhile, a new California law is driving Netflix ballistic.
Makan Delrahim
MEDIA February 27, 2022
Makan Delrahim, who led the D.O.J.’s antitrust division during the Trump administration, is back in the private sector, teaching at Penn and advising private equity firms. Here, in a long and honest conversation, he helps chart the future of media—at least from the legal perspective.
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