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Is Spulu Too Big to Fail?

bob iger
With live sports reigning supreme in the realm of broadcast, cable, and satellite television, Spulu could be a real game-changer. Photo: Michael Blackshire / Los Angeles Times/Getty Images
Eriq Gardner
February 26, 2024

When Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery unveiled a joint plan to create a “Hulu for sports” streaming bundle, not everyone applauded. Just as I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the Justice Department wasted no time launching an investigation, followed by FuboTV’s antitrust lawsuit on February 20. Is “Spulu” already skating on thin ice? 

The most pressing questions, naturally, revolve around the FuboTV case. The rival streamer aspires to be the go-to option for sports fans cutting the cord and understandably sees this joint venture as a grave threat to its future. FuboTV has long dreamed of offering a skinny bundle of sports channels at an affordable price—only to be force-fed non-sports content by media giants, wielding their leverage over coveted channels like ESPN and TNT. As a result, FuboTV finds itself bloated, with a pricing structure that lacks competitiveness in the current market landscape.