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There’s a lot of info and misinfo swirling around town one week into the strike.
HOLLYWOOD May 7, 2023
Can showrunners be forced to work? What side are the trades really on? Will the DGA save the day? And other pressing concerns from the front lines of the writers’ strike.
Are studios, like those under David Zaslav’s WBD, at least somewhat incentivized to wait out the strike?
HOLLYWOOD May 4, 2023
The WGA is winning on social media, but the streamers have the upper hand, the studios are leaning on the Directors Guild, and it’s still too early for a Lourd or an Iger to intervene—meaning this situation will need to get a lot worse before it gets better.
Can Ben Stiller pull off a salvage job on “Severance” Season 2?
HOLLYWOOD April 28, 2023
Ben Stiller brings in a trusted hand to fix problems on his Apple TV+ Emmy winner, Sony’s Tom Rothman forgets in a speech to movie theater owners that he abandoned their business during the pandemic, and much more.
HOLLYWOOD April 24, 2023
Inside the investigation, fallout, and succession drama at NBCU after yet another executive ouster.

Only one of the Top 20 actors named in the study is under 40.
HOLLYWOOD April 24, 2023
A list of the Top 100 actors making the rounds among industry executives highlights a troubling reality for Hollywood: the supply of new movie stars is declining alongside the box office.
Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger.
HOLLYWOOD April 21, 2023
Iger, an ice-cold killer on his second C.E.O. tour, may need a nuclear option to fend off DeSantis. As the governor and his goons look for new ways to screw with Disney, why not drop the niceties and sue for retaliation?
Gerry Cardinale and Ben Affleck at the Dealbook conference in November.
HOLLYWOOD April 13, 2023
In an age of global buyouts, a vanishing middle class of actors and filmmakers, and a likely upcoming writers strike, it’s easy to see why Artists Equity feels revolutionary. So why are so many executives, producers, and finance types so skeptical?
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was never enthusiastic about a recently-shelved Star Wars project, according to sources.
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2023
The Lucasfilm president was never enthusiastic about a now-shelved Kevin Feige Star Wars project. Is that why she seemed to “forget” its existence?

The cast of Ben Affleck-directed sports drama ‘Air’ starring Matt Damon and friends.
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2023
In theatrical terms, Air is a $130 million release that, even with tens of millions of dollars in marketing and great word-of-mouth, will likely top out at less than half that in U.S. theaters. So how come everyone is rushing to declare it a hit?
An HR investigation led to the departure of ‘The Bachelor’ franchise creator Mike Fleiss.
HOLLYWOOD March 30, 2023
For two decades, Mike Fleiss was the twisted genius behind the Bachelor franchise. With his exit this week following an investigation into racial discrimination in casting, details are emerging on a consensus member of Reality TV’s All-Star Asshole team.
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