Bryan Lourd
HOLLYWOOD June 30, 2022
The CAA-ICM merger became inevitable as Hollywood consolidated and the Writers Guild cut off revenue. But it also reflects the new reality that the representation ecosystem has split in two.
Katie McGrath
HOLLYWOOD June 26, 2022
News and notes from across the entertainment industry, on an A-list abortion rights strategy session, a producer turned mineral water mogul, and CAA-ICM synergies.
David Young
HOLLYWOOD June 23, 2022
Streamers gamed the system with economic “innovations” in the Peak TV age that have worked to limit what talent is paid. Suddenly there’s a growing movement to fight back.
Dana Walden
HOLLYWOOD June 16, 2022
Finally, the consummate insider has ascended to the top TV job, the general entertainment empire, the role that reports to the C.E.O.—and instead of a media coronation, the headlines are all about the man she’s replacing. But the town has lots of opinions.
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD June 13, 2022
Chapek’s fate at Disney will be decided by a board without any outside media or entertainment experience. That could be a problem.
J.J. Abrams
HOLLYWOOD June 12, 2022
Abrams, who has a $250 million overall deal with Warner Bros., risks becoming a casualty of the new cost consciousness in Hollywood as David Zaslav’s management team wonders, what are we actually getting for all that money?
Peter Rice
HOLLYWOOD June 9, 2022
The abrupt firing of beloved Disney executive Peter Rice was widely interpreted inside Hollywood as a move by Chapek to eliminate a prospective rival. Instead it has exposed just how weak his position really is.
Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos
HOLLYWOOD June 5, 2022
I recently chatted with a trio on the frontlines of the content wars about the future of Disney+, what a recession would mean for development (and bidding wars), The Great Netflix Correction, and what Wall Street got wrong about Hollywood.
HOLLYWOOD June 2, 2022
David Zaslav would like nothing more than to replicate the Marvel miracle, to mine the archives for new franchises and compete with Pixar on animation. But DC isn’t Marvel, and new WB film chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy will need more than just Igerian ambition to compete.
Ted Sarandos
HOLLYWOOD May 30, 2022
Ted Sarandos’ damage-control confessional provides a fascinating glimpse into Netflix’s psyche at an inflection point for the company.
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