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shari redstone
HOLLYWOOD June 14, 2024
By putting Paramount up for sale, negotiating publicly for six months, and nuking a fully negotiated deal at the goal line, Shari has likely set the company on a downward spiral of chaos and uncertainty—one her father might have foreseen.
baby reindeer netflix
HOLLYWOOD June 11, 2024
Netflix is pushing the stalker drama for Emmys as a “true story” even as key facts have fallen apart and its subject has sued for defamation. Now, TV Academy voters have a chance to reject the dishonest campaign.
Shari Restone is said to be unwilling to pull the trigger on the Skydance deal just yet, despite the Paramount shareholder meeting today.
HOLLYWOOD June 4, 2024
The sweetened Ellison/Skydance deal is Redstone’s if she wants it. So why is she wavering?
the apprentic biopic
HOLLYWOOD May 31, 2024
So far, the big streamers and many indie distributors have passed on the biopic “The Apprentice” despite its strong reviews and Oscar buzz at Cannes. It’s not the easiest sell to wary audiences, but remember when film executives weren’t total wusses?

challengers movie zendaya
HOLLYWOOD May 28, 2024
My answers to burning reader questions on the most important topics of the day: Zaz’s latest sports rights auction, ‘Yellowstone’ drama, ‘Challengers’ questions, the top producers under 40, and much more.
Scarlett Johansson
HOLLYWOOD May 24, 2024
A grab bag of the latest Hollywood chatter: David Zaslav’s NBA imbroglio, the D.O.J.’s Live Nation legal hammer, Chris Winfrey’s eye-popping windfall, the best Cannes sighting, and so much more.
ted sarandos
HOLLYWOOD May 22, 2024
Tools like automatic video trailers might be annoying but they have proven that the difference between popular and unpopular has way more to do with technology than name-brand showrunners or third-act twists.
david kramer judd apatow rip
HOLLYWOOD May 17, 2024
The Apatow Era has been effectively over for years now. But the plight of the man himself says a lot about the state of comedy, in particular, and Hollywood in general.

dan lin
HOLLYWOOD May 10, 2024
The leading streamer is about to once again try to upend the way Hollywood talent is paid. Will the industry let it this time around?
killers of the flower moon
HOLLYWOOD May 7, 2024
The tech powerhouse’s film efforts aren’t profitable in theaters, nor are they finding much of an audience on streaming. But Tim Cook and Eddy Cue aren’t pulling the plug on theaters yet—at least, that’s what Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht are telling people.
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