Cruise and Ellison
HOLLYWOOD May 26, 2022
Hollywood old timers hope that Top Gun’s retro appeal will resuscitate the box office, and if so, Cruise and producer David Ellison have set themselves up for huge windfalls.
Johnny Depp
HOLLYWOOD May 22, 2022
The dark arts of media manipulation for political gain, once the realm of D.C., have come to Hollywood in the sordid trial of Depp vs Amber Heard, and there’s no going back now.
Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront 2022
HOLLYWOOD May 19, 2022
It’s all about “the portfolio” now, or “our unified approach,” or “company-wide capabilities.” Everyone is all-in on the kitchen-sink approach, which quickly becomes about the brands and platforms, not the actual content.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Alan Horn
HOLLYWOOD May 15, 2022
The biggest rumor swirling around town is that Alan Horn is returning to Warner Bros. under the new Zaz era. Rather than partake in the rumormongering, I picked up the phone and asked Horn myself.
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD May 12, 2022
Disney’s subscriber growth is holding up, but the playbook has changed and Chapek lags in the metric Wall Street now wants—actual revenue. With the goalposts of success moved and added pressure on Marvel and the rest, the embattled C.E.O. is making bold promises and writing checks his company may not be able to cash.
Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD May 8, 2022
Yes, layoffs are coming. Chatting with people around Hollywood, you’d think Netflix is going out of business. But those 220 million subscribers don’t have much to worry about—for now.