Apatow and Rogen
HOLLYWOOD August 14, 2022
The raunchy, Apatowian films that dominated the mid-2000s box office and spawned a generation of comedy stars have gone the way of iPods and skinny jeans. Critics blame everything from Covid to cancel culture, but the real culprit is more insidious: an economic landscape that rarely rewards risk-taking. One producer has some ideas to fix it.
Bob Greenblatt
HOLLYWOOD August 12, 2022
The legendary television executive just wrote a memoir about the hits he made and the networks he ran, but two years after his messy WarnerMedia ouster, the book might be a prelude to his own next moves.
HOLLYWOOD August 7, 2022
The rolling reductions will begin with smaller groups between Monday and Labor Day, followed by a ramp-up in bloodletting in September and October.
HOLLYWOOD August 4, 2022
David Zaslav’s controversial and cold-hearted decision to kill off the movie for a tax credit isn’t simply the fault of the filmmakers or Jason Kilar or the herky jerky voyage of Warner Bros. It’s on Hollywood, as a whole, for worrying about being left behind by Netflix.
HOLLYWOOD July 31, 2022
The 76-year old star is fighting his producers and MGM for a financial stake in his signature property, but it’s not just a play for more money.
Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD July 21, 2022
Reed Hastings still wants investors to think of the streaming pioneer as separate from “legacy” media, but with its muted subscriber projections and an advertising pivot, it’s now a mature, slow-growth company.
Desus and Mero
HOLLYWOOD July 21, 2022
Here’s what really ended the Showtime comedy duo’s successful partnership.
Casey Bloys
HOLLYWOOD July 17, 2022
Sure, Zaslav and Gunnar have been fleecing WBD looking for redundancies, but re-signing Casey Bloys was a goal of the new C.E.O.’s first 100 days.
HOLLYWOOD July 14, 2022
A candid conversation with Matthew Ball, the technologist, futurist, and author of the forthcoming book, The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything.
Bob and Harvey Weinstein
HOLLYWOOD July 10, 2022
In advance of his new book, Ken Auletta discusses Weinstein’s origins and depravity, whether he got a fair trial, who enabled what behavior, and how the convicted mogul/rapist changed Hollywood forever.
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