bill weinstein
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2023
In the talent agency wars, is it possible to be small without being second class? A candid conversation with Verve C.E.O. Bill Weinstein.
The recent Apple TV+ ad with Timothée Chalamet.
HOLLYWOOD January 22, 2023
The second installment of Puck’s original study reveals how few consumers can remember whether the shows they like are on Apple TV+, Peacock, Netflix, or somewhere else, and why that matters to the future of digital platforms.
streaming service heiarchy
HOLLYWOOD January 19, 2023
An original research study of what consumers actually feel about the top streamer brands, from Apple TV+ to Netflix and beyond.
The Academy Presents "The Joy Luck Club" (1993) 25th Anniversary
HOLLYWOOD January 15, 2023
Academy president Janet Yang’s apparent endorsement of Michelle Yeoh raised eyebrows during voting, and the faux pas isn’t even the weirdest drama of the season…
Nelson Peltz
HOLLYWOOD January 12, 2023
Nelson Peltz, the iconic activist, seems out for blood with Bob Iger. But does Peltz’s board seat thesis make any sense at Disney?
Helen Hoehne
HOLLYWOOD January 8, 2023
NBC’s stripped-down red carpet is being assembled and all those security blockades are going up in Century City, but Globes owner Todd Boehly and H.F.P.A. president Helen Hoehne can’t be quite sure whether this is a swan song, an audition for another suitor, or the beginning of a very different chapter.
stranger things cast
HOLLYWOOD January 2, 2023
For the second year in a row, I polled sources for offbeat observations and areas of preoccupation that you might not be thinking about, both big picture and small, regarding what to expect in this year of likely pain and anxiety.
david Ellison
HOLLYWOOD December 30, 2022
David Ellison arrived in Hollywood like a wannabe Bond villain: a young, icy-blue-eyed aerobatic pilot, armed with Larry’s billions. More than 15 years later, however, with a nine-figure payday from Top Gun: Maverick, his string of studio and streamer successes could be a harbinger for how Hollywood survives a new era of downsizing and consolidation.
Gunnar Wiedenfels
HOLLYWOOD December 22, 2022
Gunnar Wiedenfels, Zaz’s hatchet man, became the avatar of Hollywood’s perilousness in 2022 and managed to turn Warner Bros. and HBO, two of the industry’s premier brands, into objects of scorn and suspicion in the creative community.
Jeremy Zimmer
HOLLYWOOD December 18, 2022
UTA C.E.O. Jeremy Zimmer speaks candidly about cuts at the streamers, the writers’ unrest, WME’s expansion, CAA’s M&A, and what’s next for his own agency amid an economic downturn.
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