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Billionaire investor Ron Burkle.
HOLLYWOOD May 29, 2023
An $80 million lawsuit brought by Ron Burkle against a Texas buyout shop has led to a counterattack, and questions around how Burkle got a piece of TV's biggest show.
Chris Keyser, co-chair of the WGA’s negotiating committee.
HOLLYWOOD May 26, 2023
The longer the work stoppage goes on, the more fears spread about studios cutting unproductive writer-producer deals, wiping the fiscal slate clean, and ushering in a new era of austerity. But how much of that will actually happen?
Disney C.F.O. Christine McCarthy and C.E.O. Bob Iger and have told everyone for months that the content purge was coming, part of their increasingly frantic effort to erase $3 billion from the bottom line this year.
HOLLYWOOD May 21, 2023
What’s going on at Disney is kind of nuts. If you told me that each of the Seven Dwarfs holding up the executive building in Burbank were being auctioned off to increase free cash flow, I’d probably believe it. Nearly every division has been asked to spend less, some way less. And titles are disappearing from Disney+ and Hulu as an entire industry retrenches.
2015 Ted Sarandos would have cringed at the sight of 2023 Sarandos suggesting from the stage that Netflix host “a 30 minute commercial” that “plays out over several days.”
HOLLYWOOD May 19, 2023
An honest assessment of the P.R. spin, wishful thinking and outright obfuscation in a slimmed-down, mostly star-free ad pitch week.

The issues at the heart of this seemingly long-term labor fight will only get more pronounced as it drags on.
HOLLYWOOD May 11, 2023
The class divide between the haves and have-nots of Hollywood writers has not yet been an issue in this labor stand-off. But, if history—and past comments by Todd Phillips and Aaron Sorkin—is a guide, it likely will soon enough.
Kevin Costner, busy shooting the sequel to his undated ‘Horizon’ film, hasn’t yet agreed to return for the final episodes of ‘Yellowstone.’
HOLLYWOOD May 8, 2023
The franchise’s biggest, most difficult star is using his remaining leverage to shape how his character is put out to pasture.
There’s a lot of info and misinfo swirling around town one week into the strike.
HOLLYWOOD May 7, 2023
Can showrunners be forced to work? What side are the trades really on? Will the DGA save the day? And other pressing concerns from the front lines of the writers’ strike.
Are studios, like those under David Zaslav’s WBD, at least somewhat incentivized to wait out the strike?
HOLLYWOOD May 4, 2023
The WGA is winning on social media, but the streamers have the upper hand, the studios are leaning on the Directors Guild, and it’s still too early for a Lourd or an Iger to intervene—meaning this situation will need to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Can Ben Stiller pull off a salvage job on “Severance” Season 2?
HOLLYWOOD April 28, 2023
Ben Stiller brings in a trusted hand to fix problems on his Apple TV+ Emmy winner, Sony’s Tom Rothman forgets in a speech to movie theater owners that he abandoned their business during the pandemic, and much more.
HOLLYWOOD April 24, 2023
Inside the investigation, fallout, and succession drama at NBCU after yet another executive ouster.
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