twister movie
HOLLYWOOD July 22, 2024
Old-school movie fans flocked to theaters for Universal’s superhero-free storm chaser Twisters, the rare big-budget tentpole with regular people in extraordinary situations.
despicable me 4
HOLLYWOOD July 9, 2024
The success of ‘Despicable Me 4’ and ‘Inside Out 2’ demonstrates the power of Gen Z nostalgia at the box office. But a slew of resuscitated, ’90s-era franchises also proves there’s a formula for reinvigorating older movies for this younger generation, too.
deadpool & wolverine
HOLLYWOOD June 23, 2024
There is a certain grim irony in the year potentially being dominated by overperforming Disney toons and MCU spectaculars, like we’re right back to 2016 all over again. We’re not. But Disney’s success is a boon to the overall theatrical industry in profound ways.
inside out 2
HOLLYWOOD June 17, 2024
The underwhelming performances for Disney animated movies over the past few years have helped shape the idea that family films were becoming commercially dicey. The success of Inside Out 2, however, is a rebuttal to that idea.

will smith bad boys ride or die
HOLLYWOOD June 11, 2024
Smith’s new ‘Bad Boys’ reboot appears to be the first legit hit of the season—and the latest credential for Tom Rothman’s fiscally prudent tentpole strategy at Sony Pictures.
Bad Boys: Ride or Die
HOLLYWOOD June 3, 2024
Everyone in town is wondering whether ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ will be the latest summer movie to miss on its opening weekend tracking. But what if the tracking, and not the movie, is the problem?
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga movie george miller
HOLLYWOOD May 28, 2024
News and notes on a historically disastrous weekend and month of May, and whether there’s any chance of redemption this summer.
ryan reynolds if movie
HOLLYWOOD May 20, 2024
The ultimate success of ‘IF’ hinges on whether Reynolds can continue to be as successful entertaining kids as managing soccer clubs and investing in spirits.

kingdom of the planet of the apes
HOLLYWOOD May 14, 2024
‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ isn’t merely a promising summer would-be blockbuster. It’s a rare chance for Bob Iger to extract movie value from his $71 billion deal for most of 21st Century Fox.
the fall guy
HOLLYWOOD May 2, 2024
This season’s slate is much less surefire than the mid-2010s MCU lineup or those live-action Disney remakes. Will the teetering theater industry end up closer to the $4 billion of 2023 or below the $3.3 billion domestic totals for 2022?
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