Former OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman speaks during an event at Keio University on June 12, 2023, in Tokyo.
Theodore Schleifer November 21, 2023
What Sam said at Stanford when confronted about ChatGPT. What people think of Sam’s effective-altruist board member Helen Toner. And what the hell happened at OpenAI.
Daniel Lurie has become something of a boundary-crossing, even contradictory, figure—between the haves and have-nots, the tech workers and the city’s true locals.
Theodore Schleifer November 14, 2023
Daniel Lurie, the charming Levi Strauss heir running to be San Francisco’s next mayor, is ideally positioned to be the outrage vessel for the Pac Heights crowd. So why is Silicon Valley skeptical of his campaign?
Former eBay C.E.O. Devin Wenig, whose exorbitant salary and profligate spending were highlighted in reporting by David and Ina Steiner.
Eriq Gardner November 13, 2023
Jim Baugh, the former C.I.A. operative convicted of orchestrating a bizarre scheme to silence two eBay critics, blames the company for its toxic culture—and says he was still working as a spy. Now, the Justice Department is claiming that Baugh’s explosive allegations are classified.