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tim scott donald trump
Theodore Schleifer April 9, 2024
News and murmurs from the Mar-a-Lago money circuit: Larry Ellison’s involvement in the Trump veepstakes, John Paulson’s billionaire donor bash, and the anti-Biden progressive group trying to get serious.
Baratunde Thurston April 7, 2024
An urgent dispatch from the 35th annual Bioneers conference, where the scientific community underscored a series of novel, and deceptively simple, frameworks for reorienting our societies to address our carbon problem.
melinda gates bill gates
Theodore Schleifer April 2, 2024
The hottest commodity in the world of megadonors is Rory Gates, the spotlight-averse, socially awkward 24-year-old scion of Bill and Melinda—an overnight sensation among Democratic donor-hustlers desperate for the next big thing.