Peter Thiel
SILICON VALLEY April 19, 2022
With two weeks until the Ohio G.O.P. primary, Thiel is on a hot streak and doubling down on J.D. Vance. A win could invigorate the billionaire’s national ambitions. A loss could relegate him to Miami—and send thirsty Republicans reeling.
MacKenzie Scott
SILICON VALLEY April 12, 2022
After decades of G.O.P. dark-money supremacy, the arrival of liberal mega-billionaires like Scott and Zuckerberg is fueling a MAGA-inspired woke backlash that threatens the institution of philanthropy itself.
Tom Steyer
SILICON VALLEY April 5, 2022
For the first time in a decade, Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge funder-turned-Democratic power forward, is no longer working in politics full-time. Inside his Bloombergian afterlife—and who might rise up in his place.
Chesa Boudin
SILICON VALLEY March 29, 2022
An interview with San Francisco’s embattled, ambitious, tech-squabbling prosecutor on the media, billionaires, and the recall. Is he the victim of an organized smear campaign—or is he just bad at his job?
Jeff Lawson
SILICON VALLEY March 22, 2022
Behind the scenes, Twilio C.E.O. Jeff Lawson and his wife Erica have been making strategic moves in the big-money world of Democratic politics. This is the inside story of their first major project.
Chesa Boudin
SILICON VALLEY March 15, 2022
Milner, the formerly oligarch-friendly V.C., appears to have decisively closed the door on Russia. Plus, insider updates on San Francisco’s venture-fueled recall campaign and a diplomatic breakthrough in Biden’s megadonor embargo.
Peter Thiel
SILICON VALLEY March 8, 2022
The latest inside reporting on Thiel’s political maneuvering, Obama’s private visit with Laurene’s Emerson Collective, an intriguing idea from Eric Schmidt’s team, and Yuri Milner’s Russia statement.
Yuri Milner
SILICON VALLEY March 1, 2022
Economic sanctions targeting Russia, and oligarch Alisher Usmanov, are raising new questions about Milner’s past financial partners. So far, he’s staying quiet.
Reed Jobs meets with Hillary Clinton
SILICON VALLEY February 22, 2022
Reed Jobs, the well-liked millennial son of Laurene Powell Jobs and the late Steve Jobs, has privately talked about a political run, including for Nancy Pelosi’s seat if it opens. It may herald the dawn of a new era: Society is currently being remade by a group of super-billionaires. Pretty soon, their kids will take over.
Sam Bankman Fried
SILICON VALLEY February 15, 2022
Sam Bankman-Fried, the 29-year-old crypto zillionaire, epitomizes a new generation of mega-donors who blend big-money politics, applied math, and the reading list of a senior-year philosophy seminar. So naturally, he’s the hottest ticket in the most rarefied realms of philanthropy.
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