Ryan Salame and Michelle Bond were not married, even if they appeared to spend practically every waking moment together, traipsing about Greek community festivals and luxury car races.
SILICON VALLEY July 18, 2023
How Ryan Salame and Michelle Bond, the Potomac power couple fueled by FTX money, found themselves in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors and a jilted ex-husband with a joint interest in their downfall.
Peter Thiel had been a fixation in G.O.P. donor circles—a potential bottomless-pocketed heir to Sheldon Adelson or the Koch brothers.
SILICON VALLEY July 11, 2023
When Peter Thiel emerged as the right’s potential heir to Sheldon Adelson during the ’22 midterms, a highly connected Democratic operative launched a guerilla opposition research campaign to chill his political influence. What happened next was sordid, and ultimately tragic, but also a telling reflection of a new era in political combat.
SILICON VALLEY June 27, 2023
Inside dish on the latest presidential dark-money shenanigans and G.O.P. donor games as the first major fundraising quarter draws to a close.
SILICON VALLEY June 20, 2023
The reclusive and peripatetic billionaire philanthropist appears to be changing gears once again, with plans to seemingly scale back his political and philanthropic work. The fallout could be significant.
SILICON VALLEY June 15, 2023
Momentarily freed from house confinement to attend a court hearing in New York, America’s most notorious defendant catches an unexpected break.
Jack Dorsey said it was “refreshing” to have a candidate in Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (pictured) who “has no fear in exploring topics that are a little bit controversial.”
SILICON VALLEY June 13, 2023
News on the blowback facing Dorsey, a billionaire G.O.P. hopeful with Silicon Valley ties, and a high-profile departure in Dan Loeb’s inner circle.
Jack Dorsey politics have always been anti-establishment above all else, with a particular interest in radicals who challenge the party’s progressive-ish gospel.
News and notes from around the political donor universe: a Reid Hoffman controversy in Denver, Tim Draper’s Haley endorsement, and Robert Kennedy Jr.’s new money buddy, Jack Dorsey.
The view from inside Bill and Melinda’s $50 billion philanthropy. Plus notes on another Musk-Thiel acolyte signing on with DeSantis, and a Biden fundraising journey to the Wall Street of the West.
WASHINGTON May 25, 2023
Scenes from the DeSantis Day One mega-donor event at the Miami Four Seasons, as the candidate’s “investors” prepare to flood the zone with money.
David Sacks will moderate a Twitter Spaces conversation between Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis, where he long-time sotto voce candidate will formally announce his presidential run.
David Sacks, the PayPal Mafia scion, has ascended from mere rabble-rouser into a genuine G.O.P. cultural and political force, starting super PACs and dark-money groups, appearing on Tucker, and in his latest media venture, launching DeSantis himself.
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