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The Biden Donor Dilemma

joe biden
Biden donors are repeating the party line in part because they believe it, yes, and because they have seen Biden beat Trump in 2020 and have faith that he can do it again. Photo: Andrew Thomas/NurPhoto/Getty Images
Theodore Schleifer
February 13, 2024

Next Wednesday night, Joe Biden will arrive for dinner at a historic, treasure-filled San Francisco palace hosted by the Getty family—that elite-of-the-elite surname that has connoted dignity, power, and also senescence in Pacific Heights society for half a century. Biden is attending this fundraiser, which has been kept very under the radar, at the request of Nancy Pelosi, a Getty family friend and featured guest. The event should raise some $2 million for the Biden reelection campaign, I’m told.

Gee, I wonder what the 20 or so couples who paid $100,000 to get a seat at the table next to Biden, Pelosi, power-bundler Ron Conway, or real-estate honcho and event host George Marcus are thinking about these days? Talk about dignity, power, and senescence: The Democratic donor class has thought about almost nothing else since Biden was strafed last week by special counsel Robert Hur as old and mentally unfit.