Behold, the 2023 Awards Season Awards!

Jimmy Kimmel will host his third Oscars this Sunday.
Jimmy Kimmel will host his third Oscars this Sunday. Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
March 10, 2023

If it seems like the Oscar race has lasted a year, it kinda has. We’ve been talking about this year’s show pretty much since The Slap and its chaotic aftermath last March, making this season truly feel like a year-long slog. Last year I revived a tradition that I had at Hollywood Reporter of bestowing “awards season awards” honoring the highs and (mostly) lows of the death march to the Oscars. 

I got good feedback, so here again is my wrap-up of the whole ridiculous spectacle, acknowledging the cynical marketing campaigns, the awkward moments, the campy on-stage raps, and the doting awards media scrum that covers it all like this stuff actually matters. So enjoy these 23 categories, and feel free to tell me which ones should be booted to a pre-show next year.

The Lady MacBeth Award for Overzealous Spouse in a Supporting Role
Mary McCormack, wife of To Leslie filmmaker Michael Morris, who is said to have masterminded the Andrea Riseborough best actress campaign by harassing—sorry, contacting repeatedly—the high-profile stars that plugged Riseborough on social media and helped get her that nom.