Introducing The Powers That Be: Live

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
The Editors
October 17, 2023

At Puck, we’ve always been singularly obsessed with the stories beyond the headlines, and the people behind the news. One of the leitmotifs of this company, since our founding two years ago, is the notion that the highest echelons of Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley and Hollywood don’t just intersect; instead, they are all one world. The Puck cinematic universe exists to illuminate those power players, decipher their inside conversations, and turn information flow into business intelligence. 

To that end, we are endlessly excited to introduce The Powers That Be: Live, an exclusive new live event series, led by elite Puck talent in off-the-record conversations with titans of industry. In these private interviews, set in glamorous venues with audiences as dignified as the speakers onstage, featured invitees will share their invaluable insights (and anxieties and prognostications) about the forces shaping their worlds.