While Sam Bankman-Fried was being fêted by the bulls on Wall Street, the renowned short-seller Marc Cohodes was sounding a five-alarm fire.
William D. Cohan January 4, 2023
Back when Bankman-Fried was buying arena naming rights and casting Larry David in commercials, the short-seller Marc Cohodes smelled something funky. “Who would give this mop-headed, dyslexic, A.D.D. guy a dime on some crazy strategy?” as he told me. This is the third in a series.
Sam Bankman-Fried
William D. Cohan December 28, 2022
During a sideline conversation at a fintech conference, some 15 months ago, S.B.F. offered some stunning revelations about how the sausage was made at FTX. This is the second in a series.
William D. Cohan December 21, 2022
A voyage to the Middle East with Anthony Scaramucci in search of $1 billion led to a meeting with M.B.S.—followed by a peculiar call from S.B.F.’s dad. This piece is the first in a series focused on early S.B.F. warning signs.