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andy jassy
SPORTS March 4, 2024
Sure, Amazon’s lifeline investment in Diamond Sports left plenty of the industry’s top executives scratching their heads. But did Prime just gain an unassailable first-mover advantage in local sports streaming?
major league baseball
SPORTS February 29, 2024
Yes, yes, Diamond is emerging from bankruptcy with that $115 million Amazon dowry, but the industry’s largest owner of regional sports networks has a whole new slew of problems to solve now.
trevor story mlb pantsgate
SPORTS February 26, 2024
News and notes on a shocking, stupid, and increasingly serious micro-scandal.
roger goodell
SPORTS February 22, 2024
A morality tale about the time that the newly expanded College Football Playoff thought it could program its games during a Saturday slot that the NFL has dominated for years. Nice try, kids!

bob iger
SPORTS February 19, 2024
Spulu wasn’t just a way for frenemies Disney, Fox, and WBD to join forces to solve a consumer problem. It was also a warning shot at Paramount and Comcast.
adam silver
SPORTS February 15, 2024
All the dish and dealflow talk emanating from the heartland as All-Star weekend sets in: the NBA rights permutations, the Diamond deal, and much more.
roger goodell
SPORTS February 12, 2024
I learned this weekend in Vegas that the league is having its lawyers examine its contracts with ESPN and Fox to see if it has an out.
Sean McManus
SPORTS February 12, 2024
A quick Super Bowl Sunday touch-base with the outgoing leader of CBS Sports, Sean McManus, and his handpicked successor, David Berson.

Lachlan Murdoch, David Zaslav, Bob Iger
SPORTS February 8, 2024
Here in Vegas, on the protracted eve of the Super Bowl, everyone is talking about the Disney-Fox-WBD deal and what it means. Is this a cable killer? An experiment? And who is really in charge? The only consensus is that everyone is pissed that they weren’t looped in sooner.
In many ways, my arrival at Puck represents the full circle of my career.
SPORTS February 1, 2024
In many ways, my arrival at Puck represents the full circle of my career covering sports and media. When I was first getting started in this business, I wrote a newsletter that covered the burgeoning cable TV industry. Decades later, the formula still reigns, despite the convulsions of the industry.
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