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The Hunter Manhunt

The Biden administration has been preparing for an impeachment inquiry for months. Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Tara Palmeri
September 14, 2023

It’s crazy season in Washington—House Republicans, once optimistic about another majority, are fretting that Kevin McCarthy is inertly capitulating to their loony bin; Matt Gaetz is in full-blown speaker-assassin mode; Hunter Biden has been indicted on gun charges; the government is about to shut down, and impeachment fever is causing headaches for the dozen Republicans who won their districts in blue states by 5 points or less. Increasingly, the feeling inside Capitol Hill is that McCarthy is either going to lose his gavel now or 16 months from now, so why take the G.O.P. majority down with him? 

Washington, a city obsessed with history and itself, is filled with murmurs about how the Clinton impeachment cost the House Republicans seats. Impeachment is even less popular in the Senate, where Republicans love to shit-sling Biden, sure, but also recognize there’s little enthusiasm for a trial. “Everyone will delight in Hunter’s messiness, then it will be smearing the president and the family, everyone will engage in that,” said a source close to Senate Republicans. “The question of high crimes and misdemeanors is another threshold.”