Pro-Trump protestors riot at the Capitol
WASHINGTON July 27, 2021
Sometimes, Washington clutches its pearls so hard it risks choking itself. After January 6, Republicans just want to move on.
CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg walks with COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg after a session at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 08, 2021.
SILICON VALLEY July 23, 2021
A conversation with author Sheera Frenkel about the inner workings of the Mark-Sheryl relationship and Facebook's aspirations to modern Rome.
Putin at the G8
WASHINGTON July 19, 2021
The White House seems to have settled on a strategy of doing just enough to make Putin a manageable adversary. It’s containment for the 21st century.
Maggie Haberman speaks during an event in 2012
MEDIA July 16, 2021
For years it seemed that every book proposal was about Trump, and almost every book was a best-seller. Is the easy money coming to an end?
Donald Trump talks to reporters as he departs the White House
MEDIA July 8, 2021
Six months since he left office after dispatching a mob to ransack the Capitol, the journalists who covered Trump are still adjusting to a post-Trump reality.
President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva.
WASHINGTON June 13, 2021
Biden enters his meeting with Putin as little more than a caretaker of American democracy, even as it is becomes less democratic by the day.
Ben Rhodes addresses the White House press corps.
WASHINGTON June 7, 2021
It takes a certain kind of privilege, as Ben Rhodes occasionally acknowledges, to be surprised by the darkness of history.
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