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Russia, Belarus joint military drill
WASHINGTON February 15, 2022
War? No war? War tomorrow? It looks like Biden has boxed Putin into a trap of his own bizarre design.
Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON February 10, 2022
A candid conversation with Dr. Andrey Sushentsov, a prominent Russian political scientist, about how Putin views the West—and what the Ukraine crisis is really about.
Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON February 3, 2022
Vladimir Putin’s stance on Ukraine has started to shape-shift. Is he positioning himself for retreat? Five thoughts on the crisis behind the crisis.
American troops in Ukraine, 2015
WASHINGTON January 25, 2022
Notes on a crazy 36 hours, brinkmanship, Ted Cruz, and a bewildered Ukrainian premier.

Fiona Hill
WASHINGTON January 21, 2022
A conversation with Fiona Hill about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Putin's next move, and where the White House goes from here.
MLK memorial statue
WASHINGTON January 19, 2022
King’s legacy has become a political choose-your-own-adventure for Republicans who want to capitalize on the civil rights movement while ensuring that it doesn’t progress any further. Meanwhile for Democrats, soaring rhetoric confronts a hard reality.
WASHINGTON December 31, 2021
U.S. to Status-Craving Russian Villain: Please Don’t Invade Ukraine, Let’s Talk It Out!
Trump eclipse
MEDIA December 28, 2021
Year-end reflections on the political-media industrial complex, Biden’s health secret, Harris’s 2024 odds, and Putin’s next move.

Joe Manchin
WASHINGTON December 21, 2021
Washington is awash with rumors that Manchin and the Democrats—the swamp’s version of Bennifer—are on the verge of a break-up. Here’s what’s really happening.
WASHINGTON December 17, 2021
Without a friend in Washington, Russia’s president returns to his usual methods—and threats of violence—to put NATO off balance.
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