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Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON December 8, 2021
Now that Biden is president, Putin seems to want to make sure that his point of view and priorities are considered, too; that he is seen as an equal and as someone to be reckoned with. To do that, he has imposed himself on the news cycle—and into the White House’s priorities, with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.
Russian troops
WASHINGTON December 6, 2021
Ironically, the greatest risk to Russia stems from Putin’s own paranoid fantasies. But the danger of military escalation over Ukraine is all too real. 
MEDIA November 30, 2021
Washington has become a gerontocracy—a town run by an aging class of lawmakers unwilling to relinquish their power to a younger generation. But, actually, is that as bad as it sounds?
Rupert Murdoch
MEDIA November 23, 2021
Pre-Thanksgiving reflections on the Tucker Carlson-ification of Fox News, Russia’s designs on Ukraine, and more.

Polish Belarusian standoff
WASHINGTON November 12, 2021
Reflections on the most pressing questions in Washington, and in my inbox. This week: Could the rescue of Biden’s infrastructure bill be a turning point for his administration? And what is the White House thinking about the Belarus-Poland border crisis?
CNN stage
MEDIA November 4, 2021
Kirsten Powers, who went from liberal on Fox News to anti-Trump voice on CNN, explains what happens when the shouting matches end, the cameras turn off, and you’re stuck in the green room with Santorum. And how to handle it all, and more, with a little grace.
Glenn Youngkin
WASHINGTON November 3, 2021
It's not taught in K-12 schools, but Glenn Youngkin rode the issue straight to the Virginia governor’s mansion. So much so that by Wednesday morning, the Republican Study Committee put out a memo that the G.O.P. must become the “party of parents” and to fight “racist C.R.T. curricula.”
Joe Biden meets his National Security team
WASHINGTON October 20, 2021
Members of the intelligence community are increasingly convinced that the Russian government is behind the hundreds of terrifying directed-energy attacks on diplomats and spies known as the Havana Syndrome. Will Congress respond to the “medium confidence” intelligence with countermeasures? As one member of the community told me, “We got bin Laden with medium confidence.”

Terry McAuliffe
WASHINGTON October 11, 2021
Like clockwork, the Washington agenda resets every Monday. Here’s what This Town is talking about (and not talking about) this week.
Nancy Pelosi
WASHINGTON October 4, 2021
As one congressman told me, “The blow-by-blow is intensely interesting to journalists and to members [of Congress], but our constituents couldn’t care less.” And yet, there is something so delightfully refreshing about it all. Could it last?
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