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Polish Belarusian standoff
WASHINGTON November 12, 2021
Reflections on the most pressing questions in Washington, and in my inbox. This week: Could the rescue of Biden’s infrastructure bill be a turning point for his administration? And what is the White House thinking about the Belarus-Poland border crisis?
CNN stage
MEDIA November 4, 2021
Kirsten Powers, who went from liberal on Fox News to anti-Trump voice on CNN, explains what happens when the shouting matches end, the cameras turn off, and you’re stuck in the green room with Santorum. And how to handle it all, and more, with a little grace.
Glenn Youngkin
WASHINGTON November 3, 2021
It's not taught in K-12 schools, but Glenn Youngkin rode the issue straight to the Virginia governor’s mansion. So much so that by Wednesday morning, the Republican Study Committee put out a memo that the G.O.P. must become the “party of parents” and to fight “racist C.R.T. curricula.”
Joe Biden meets his National Security team
WASHINGTON October 20, 2021
Members of the intelligence community are increasingly convinced that the Russian government is behind the hundreds of terrifying directed-energy attacks on diplomats and spies known as the Havana Syndrome. Will Congress respond to the “medium confidence” intelligence with countermeasures? As one member of the community told me, “We got bin Laden with medium confidence.”

Terry McAuliffe
WASHINGTON October 11, 2021
Like clockwork, the Washington agenda resets every Monday. Here’s what This Town is talking about (and not talking about) this week.
Nancy Pelosi
WASHINGTON October 4, 2021
As one congressman told me, “The blow-by-blow is intensely interesting to journalists and to members [of Congress], but our constituents couldn’t care less.” And yet, there is something so delightfully refreshing about it all. Could it last?
Bob Woodward at Trump Tower
MEDIA September 28, 2021
At 78, Woodward has become the ultimate Washington monument: a subject of public adulation and private eye-rolling, essentially making him no different from the public figures he covers.
Joe Biden
MEDIA September 17, 2021
The Trump administration made strange bedfellows of the left, the media, the permanent political class, and the foreign policy establishment known as The Blob. Amid the fallout from Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the political knives are out.

Cafe Milano
PUCK September 12, 2021
At Puck, I found colleagues who believe in the same first principle: stick to the truth and everything else falls into place.
President Biden Delivers Remarks On Ongoing Afghanistan Withdrawal And Evacuations
MEDIA September 1, 2021
Privately, Biden officials agree that they could have done better in managing the evacuation from Afghanistan. But Washington is divided over how the media is processing the scandal.
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