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Chris Silbermann
HOLLYWOOD February 3, 2022
CAA, ICM, and the inside conversation about whether the Feds will crack down on Bryan Lourd and Chris Silbermann's starry merger.
Sing 2 premiere
HOLLYWOOD January 30, 2022
Hollywood’s new and diminished definition of success doesn’t actually require a film to be wildly profitable so long as its franchise can continue. Of course, how to define and create one in the streaming era is perhaps the most difficult and debated question of all.
Netflix Golden Globes party
HOLLYWOOD January 27, 2022
Reed Hastings' recent stock swoon could portend a compensation crisis inside his executive ranks. But the right-sized valuation might just bring some competitive normalcy to the rest of the entertainment industry.
Yellowjackets on Showtime
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2022
Short-term cash and executive turf wars are preventing ViacomCBS C.E.O. Bob Bakish from doing the obvious: merging Showtime and Paramount+ into a single, more valuable streaming service

Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2022
The stock price apocalypse is a market problem more than a business problem. Netflix may not be growing fast enough for Wall Street, but what’s wrong with throwing off tens of billions of dollars in cash?
Jianlin Wang of China Wanda Group
HOLLYWOOD January 20, 2022
A candid conversation about China’s cultural imperialism, the rise and fall of Wang Jianlin, and how Beijing learned to beat Hollywood at its own game.
Greg Berlanti
HOLLYWOOD January 17, 2022
It’s amazing that the linear network lasted as long as it did. But in this Peak TV era, it’s worth analyzing how the growth of streaming necessarily comes with contraction elsewhere, and, most importantly, who wins and who loses in the process.
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD January 13, 2022
Chapek’s “relentless focus on our audience” is generating a lot of chatter, but the C.E.O. isn’t particularly compassionate about the customer. It’s about establishing streaming as a new and viable business model—and ensuring that Chapek keeps his job.

Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda
HOLLYWOOD January 9, 2022
Will everyone just pretend the Globes don’t exist?
Jason Kilar
HOLLYWOOD January 9, 2022
We talked about the legacy of Project Popcorn, the future of non-franchise films, Discovery spinoff details, CNN+, The CW, The Batman and more.
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