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No Time to Die still
HOLLYWOOD November 14, 2021
It’s a win with a big asterisk, but still notable, given the audience for the franchise.
Kathy Kennedy
HOLLYWOOD November 14, 2021
Kathleen Kennedy is one of the most prolific producers in Hollywood history. But it's time for someone else to manage the Star Wars franchise.
HOLLYWOOD November 14, 2021
Mathew Rosengart ran circles around the clowns controlling Spears’ life for the past 13 years.
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD November 11, 2021
Disney’s disappointing fourth quarter underscores the risk, and the unforgiving new reality, for entertainment companies that have hitched their share price to ceaseless subscriber growth.

Morgan Wallen
HOLLYWOOD November 8, 2021
WME kind-of, sort-of dropped Morgan Wallen after the country music star got caught saying the n-word. Now Wallen’s WME representative is leaving to start his own agency—with Wallen as his marquee client, of course.
Keith Redmon
HOLLYWOOD November 7, 2021
Since his ouster, the behind-the-scenes war between Keith Redmon and Anonymous Content has led to darker and more inflammatory recriminations.
David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD November 4, 2021
He's having dinner with Ari and Bryan, holing up at the Polo Lounge, and meeting with Jason Kilar's direct reports. As he works on the $43 billion Warner-Discovery combination, David Zaslav seems to be all over town, and the subject of an endless game of Telephone... if Biden's antitrust enforcers don't rain on the victory parade.
Hayna Hutchins vigil
HOLLYWOOD October 31, 2021
The indie film industry is notorious inside Hollywood for penny-pinching financiers, lax on-set managers, cheap hires and poor on-sent conditions.

Kevin Hart
HOLLYWOOD October 31, 2021
Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs’ Blackstone Group-backed company is one of the suitors as Kevin Hart jumps on the private equity party bus.
People using Oculus VR
HOLLYWOOD October 28, 2021
A conversation with Matthew Ball about how Hollywood botched the rise of the internet, digital gaming, online distribution—and how Disney could turn Robert Downey Jr. into a metaverse billionaire.
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