Golden Globes
HOLLYWOOD April 25, 2022
Toby Emmerich
HOLLYWOOD April 24, 2022
The Great Netflix Correction is forcing Hollywood to rethink the “all-in” strategy for streaming. It’s not nearly a full reversal of fortunes, but it’s definitely a vibe shift.
Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD April 22, 2022
Everyone in Hollywood knew that Reed and Ted were due for a correction, sooner or later—but they were happy to take their checks in the meantime. Now, to get back on top, Netflix may have to become more like the traditional rivals it set out to disrupt.
Rupert Murdoch
HOLLYWOOD April 17, 2022
What I'm hearing about an M.I.A. Murdoch, the possible home of Sunday Ticket, Jeopardy’s Mike Richards, the future of WarnerMedia’s TV assets, and more.
mike hopkins
HOLLYWOOD April 14, 2022
In this era of skyrocketing I.P. value, a quirk of copyright law is suddenly a massive business, giving creatives (and their heirs) behind properties like Robocop a surprising weapon to take power back from studios.
Amber Heard
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2022
One of the ugliest defamation battles in Hollywood history goes to trial this week, live on TV. Whatever the outcome, the real damage has been reputational—and, for Depp, largely self-inflicted. What does he have left to lose?
David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD April 7, 2022
The goodwill tour has finished, and the executive purge has begun. Here’s who’s up, and who’s out, as Team Zaz assumes full control of the combined (and debt-ridden) Warner Bros. Discovery.
Ava Duvernay
HOLLYWOOD April 3, 2022
A white showrunner working with Ava Duvernay hired a diverse writers room for a Matilda animated series. Then the staff turned on her, becoming the latest flashpoint in Hollywood’s culture war.
Will Smith
HOLLYWOOD April 3, 2022
What I’m hearing about the post-slap resignation, the Will Packer fallout, what happens to Smith’s projects, the race issue, and the Scientology question.
David Rubin and Dawn Hudson
HOLLYWOOD April 1, 2022
Did Oscars execs really ask Smith to leave? Inside the wild, emergency board of governors meeting in the aftermath of the slap fiasco—and who’s ultimately to blame.
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