adam aron matt belloni
HOLLYWOOD April 11, 2024
AMC C.E.O. Adam Aron and I have had many, uh, spirited conversations in private over the past few years, so I was excited when he agreed to join a panel that I moderated in Las Vegas, where we talked candidly about bankruptcy fears, his faith in a 2025 box office rebound, his desires for Apple and Amazon, and all his meme-stock-loving APE buddies.
amc Movie Theater
HOLLYWOOD April 9, 2024
The U.S. is clearly over-screened, with the new normal of moviegoing falling far behind all the available theaters. What’s needed is a wholesale murder of the multiplex, so why won’t that happen anytime soon?
ari emanuel
HOLLYWOOD April 5, 2024
News and notes on Endeavor’s take-private: the eye-popping windfalls for leaders Ari Emanuel, Patrick Whitesell, and Mark Shapiro, whether this was the deal Silver Lake wanted, what Whitesell’s next move will be with $250 million of Egon Durban’s money, and much more.
bob iger
HOLLYWOOD April 2, 2024
The Peltz-Ike-Rasulo proxy battle may seem like the ultimate indignity for Bob Iger, but it’s also the direct result of the few (but glaring) mistakes amid his own tenures atop Disney: “If Peltz finds his way to the Disney board, that will be Iger’s biggest failure as C.E.O.”

yellowstone kevin costner
HOLLYWOOD March 24, 2024
Answers to burning questions from readers, sources, listeners, agents, producers, and hangers-on about the sad state of movie stardom, the Iger proxy war, AppleTV+ ratings, Shohei’s moneymen… and much more.
shari redstone
HOLLYWOOD March 22, 2024
The latest bid for Paramount’s “film and TV studio” isn’t just from Apollo, but also Legendary Entertainment—a previously undisclosed element that may portend how the Redstone saga eventually ends.
bob iger
HOLLYWOOD March 17, 2024
Now that Disney, under the watchful eye of Nelson Peltz, appears to have settled on a quartet of internal (yet by no means ideal) candidates, can it manage a complex process that allows for one winner without creating three sore losers?
Michael Kassan
HOLLYWOOD March 15, 2024
I spoke to the warring UTA and MediaLink executives to get to the bottom of the ugly legal mess, why the acquisition failed—and figure out if, or when, Kassan will next be choppering back to the Croisette.

christopher nolan
HOLLYWOOD March 12, 2024
Nolan’s big night, Jason Kilar memories, and a few other light Oscars observations and impressions from my seat at the Dolby and the parties thereafter.
michael jackson
HOLLYWOOD March 7, 2024
An exclusive look at the script for ‘Michael,’ currently in production, reveals the first Jackson estate-approved piece of entertainment that directly addresses the child molestation allegations against him—and seeks to cleanse the entertainer’s image 15 years after his death.
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