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CNN+ Reveries & Zaz’s I.P. Strategy

TV pile
Photo Illustration by Puck.

In this week’s edition of What I’m Hearing+, Julia Alexander sits down with Dylan Byers to discuss everything happening in the streaming industry—the power players, M&A strategies, and the data that often reveals a different story than what executives would like you to believe.

Julia Alexander: Hey Dylan, thanks so much for sitting down with me. I’ve wanted to talk to you for some time—for many reasons!—but one being that I’m obsessed with all the twists and turns happening inside CNN. Of course I read your recent piece on Chris Licht’s decision to revamp CNN mornings with a new program anchored by one of the network’s top stars, Don Lemon, and rising talents Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. As you noted, a morning show is hardly revolutionary, but in your opinion, does this have the potential to reach the audience that CNN+ was also trying to reach? That oh-so-coveted 18-34 spot? What’s the end goal here?