More Jack-R.F.K. Drama & a New ’24 Longshot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Jack Dorsey said it was “refreshing” to have a candidate in Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (pictured) who “has no fear in exploring topics that are a little bit controversial.” Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Bitcoin Magazine
Theodore Schleifer
June 13, 2023

Jack Dorsey may have left Twitter’s troubles behind, but he’s still getting into trouble on Twitter, where he has been incessantly replying to random posters and retweeting his support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist and Ukraine war crank. I have learned that the endorsement hasn’t gone over super well inside Block (formerly Square), Dorsey’s publicly-traded payments company, which he runs as C.E.O. Indeed, the R.F.K. issue came up last week during a skeptical exchange at an all-hands meeting, according to a video I’ve seen, in which Dorsey was asked how endorsing Kennedy is “in line with Block’s mission of economic empowerment” and how he could “reconcile that against his track record of conspiracy theories.”

Dorsey’s answer to the pre-submitted question began predictably enough. “I’m not sure what he’ll do for the country that’s in line with our own mission of economic empowerment,” said Dorsey, wearing a plain black t-shirt and his signature beard. “I’ve spent a lot of time listening to all the candidates and on podcasts and what they’ve written and what they’ve shared in a number of Q&As. And the thing I’ve been most impressed with R.F.K., Jr. is how strong he is against regulatory capture and industry’s ability to guide regulators.”