Shari Redstone Hasn’t Solved Her Biggest Problem: Shari Redstone

shari redstone
Now, instead, Shari chugs along alone (for now), having not fixed the Paramount’s main problem: Shari. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
June 14, 2024

Show of hands: Who is more confident in the future of Paramount Global today than they were before the sale to Skydance Media fell apart on Tuesday? No, no, sit down George Cheeks, Chris McCarthy, and Brian Robbins—the newly elevated C.E.O.s are not allowed to vote. Everyone else? That’s what I thought…

Another $500 million in cuts and layoffs in the works? Yikes. An asset fire sale, with the added challenge of all the potential buyers being very aware of the desperation of the seller? Double yikes. Roger Goodell—I get it, you’re nervous that CBS won’t be able to make its $2 billion annual NFL rights fee payment, per my colleague John Ourand. From almost every angle, the prospects for one of Hollywood’s original studios and one of the great legacy media companies almost certainly grew darker this week.