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The War Comes to Hollywood

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty
Eriq Gardner
March 9, 2022

What’s happening in Ukraine right now is unspeakably tragic. Obviously, the safety of the citizenry there is of paramount importance. What’s of lesser concern, but still consequential, is how the conflict will play out for years to come domestically. Now that businesses ranging from oil companies to Netflix are pulling out of Russia, these companies will probably soon turn to insurers to recoup their losses. That may mean that American courts will become the forum for parsing the meaning of, and decisions emanating from, Russia v. Ukraine. After all, the excommunication of Russia from the global economy will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. When McDonald’s paused its operations there, it was turning its cheek on a market that accounted for nine percent of its revenue.  When Warner Bros. pulled The Batman from theaters in the country, it was forgoing the fourth-largest movie market in the world, responsible for 90 million tickets sold two years ago.