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joe biden
WASHINGTON June 9, 2024
The apparent sanguinity of Bidenworld in the face of an allegedly damning portrait of the president’s “slipping” mental faculties has the punditocracy wondering whether Wilmington is experiencing its own sort of delusion. But the hyperbolic response begs the question: Isn’t Biden’s age already fully priced in?
trump trial
WASHINGTON June 2, 2024
And, well, you know the rest. But while the verdict in the New York hush-money case was sweeping and unequivocal, the electoral impact of the former president’s 34 felony convictions is far less clear—even and especially to the Biden and Trump campaigns.
robert f kennedy jr rfk jr
WASHINGTON May 27, 2024
A close look at Donald Trump and R.F.K. Jr.’s cringe-inducing, partly hilarious, and ultimately failed forays into Libertarian Land.
donald trump
WASHINGTON May 19, 2024
Sure, Trump’s New York criminal trial has been more riveting and revealing than expected. But outside the Acela corridor, where Trump’s tawdriness was fully priced in a long time ago, the hush-money case feels like very old news—and almost no one is paying attention. The only question is whether a guilty verdict would be enough to change all that.

john Heilemann
WASHINGTON May 5, 2024
From its first incarnation to its latest (and greatest!) here at Puck, the ethos of Impolitic has been the same: 100 percent #realtalk, free of bullshit and bad faith. No fake news, no outrage porn, no performative piety. And, unequivocally, no false binaries or false equivalencies.