Ted Sarandos and Chelsea Clinton
WASHINGTON January 13, 2022
Is Washington losing its luster to the media-content machine? Plus: Ted Cruz’s apology tour and the return of Beto O’Rourke.
Joe Biden
WASHINGTON January 3, 2022
Notes and inside reporting on the president’s 2024 thinking, the Kamala curse, and the limitations of the Youngkin-McCormick playbook during the Trump interregnum.
Joe Biden speaking to teens
WASHINGTON December 22, 2021
Joe Biden was elected to be competent, compromising, and stoic. But his staggering—no, seriously, staggering—unpopularity among younger voters suggests that the Democratic establishment really doesn’t have an earthly idea about what matters to their kids.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
WASHINGTON December 15, 2021
In a brave and wide-ranging interview, Huma Abedin talks candidly about Hillary, Weiner, the Laptop, more Hillary, and Kamala.
Kamala Harris
WASHINGTON November 24, 2021
Kamala Harris came into office with soaring expectations, at a time of grinding partisanship and huge challenges, but in an office that has only limited power and in a city where she lacks deep relationships. It’s a wild paradox: Harris is the second-most powerful office holder in American history, but suddenly facing nothing but downside.
Jennifer Granholm
WASHINGTON November 9, 2021
The Department of Energy, now in the capable hands of Jennifer Granholm, has recovered from the Trump-era crises memorably documented by Michael Lewis. But as global supply chain disruptions become an energy crunch, Granholm faces a new emergency: convincing inflation-weary Americans that the president’s green agenda isn’t a high-priced pipe dream.