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donald trump
WASHINGTON June 10, 2024
A new poll finds that not only do many young and first-time voters not really remember the chaos of the Trump years, but they don’t really care that much, either, when presented with examples of Trump’s most inflammatory rhetoric.
joe biden
WASHINGTON May 20, 2024
An exclusive new Puck and Echelon Insights poll suggests that voters’ perceptions aren’t necessarily aligned with reality these days—a troubling sign for Biden.
january 6 trump riot
WASHINGTON May 13, 2024
A bracing conversation with the filmmakers behind ‘The Sixth,’ the gritty new A24 documentary about what media coverage of the Capitol riot got wrong, the radical act of remembering, and how close we came to the brink.
1968 Democratic National Convention DNC
WASHINGTON May 6, 2024
Hyperbolic comparisons between the ongoing campus protests and Kent State, or fearmongering over another “Chicago ’68,” are just too irresistible for our conflict-addicted media. Most of the callbacks to the ’60s are facile, clichéd, specious, and easily debunked.

rfk jr robert f kennedy jr
WASHINGTON April 29, 2024
The Kennedy campaign is pinning its hope on a combination of alarming factors breaking their way: “double haters” who can’t stand Trump or Biden, the rise of dudebro do-your-own-researchism, and an anti-establishment turn among Gen Z men, in particular, who are ripe for R.F.K.’s contrarian message.
joe biden
WASHINGTON April 22, 2024
With protests flaring across college campuses, catastrophizing pundits are predicting Biden’s weakness with younger voters could put Trump in the White House. Last week’s Harvard Youth Poll provided a useful corrective suggesting young voters are fairly aligned with the president.
donald trump
WASHINGTON April 16, 2024
The latest Puck/Echelon poll finds voters are finally engaged but just as unenthusiastic as ever… and, as the Stormy Daniels case goes to trial, giving a bipartisan thumbs-down to Trump using campaign funds for his legal fees.
Nancy Jacobson, joe manchin, jon huntsman
WASHINGTON April 8, 2024
There was never any constituency for the bipartisan brain poison that Nancy Jacobson was selling donors. But the No Labels gambit was also doomed to fail because it was fundamentally misaligned with the guiding north star of any politician: self-interest.

joe biden
WASHINGTON April 1, 2024
A candid conversation with Sasha Issenberg, author of “The Lie Detectives,” about the new frontlines of the disinformation arms race, how Biden can win the meme wars, and why ivory tower panic obscures the distinction between internet bullshit and genuine threats.
trump and vivek
WASHINGTON March 25, 2024
Exclusive new data from Echelon Insights, in partnership with Puck, identifies downballot enthusiasm for Democrats, more trouble for TikTok, and a veepstakes conundrum for Trump.
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