WASHINGTON May 15, 2022
The conventional media narrative portrays the end of Roe as electoral rocket fuel for Democrats. The polling is more complicated.
Jerry Falwell and Reagan
WASHINGTON May 9, 2022
The conservative justices angling to overturn Roe are also the embodiment of a ruthless fifty-year political campaign. To re-enshrine abortion rights, Democrats will need to fight even harder.
Joe Biden wearing a mask
WASHINGTON February 15, 2022
Despite the evolving science and improved realities on the ground, Democrats are struggling to relinquish the identity politics surrounding their own Covid-era precautions. Is it too late for the party to “pivot to normalcy”?


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Ted Sarandos and Chelsea Clinton
WASHINGTON January 13, 2022
Is Washington losing its luster to the media-content machine? Plus: Ted Cruz’s apology tour and the return of Beto O’Rourke.
Joe Biden
WASHINGTON January 3, 2022
Notes and inside reporting on the president’s 2024 thinking, the Kamala curse, and the limitations of the Youngkin-McCormick playbook during the Trump interregnum.
Joe Biden speaking to teens
WASHINGTON December 22, 2021
Joe Biden was elected to be competent, compromising, and stoic. But his staggering—no, seriously, staggering—unpopularity among younger voters suggests that the Democratic establishment really doesn’t have an earthly idea about what matters to their kids.