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Biden’s Sinking Popularity and Putin’s New Proxy War

Polish Belarusian standoff
Photo by Maciej Luczniewski via Getty Images
Julia Ioffe
November 12, 2021

Since I started writing for Puck, I’ve been overwhelmed with the volume of correspondence and feedback from readers. So, while I gather string for a larger story about the discourse surrounding Joe Biden’s age and much whispered-about decline—or lack thereof—I figured I’d pause to answer a few of the most pressing questions on your mind this week. As always, you can email me at My inbox is always open.

Has the rescue of Biden’s infrastructure package ushered in a new set of talking points about his administration? It seems some Democrats have tried to assert that Biden has indeed achieved a great deal in his first year—the Covid vaccines, a soaring economy, and now a successful (if reduced) infrastructure package—and just been beset by bad communications. What’s your read?