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Jacq Attack

Simon Porte Jacquemus
While there have been plenty of rumors over the years concerning Jacquemus’ prospects at one of the big houses, what he really wants is complete control. Lodovico Colli di Felizzano/WWD/Getty Images
Lauren Sherman
April 8, 2024

Last December, the upstart brand Jacquemus announced that its young and ambitious C.E.O., Bastien Daguzan, would also take on the honorific title of president. In France, after all, the president is the person who deals with third-party vendors, and a company must register the appointment publicly. According to the public filings I saw, Daguzan officially assumed the role of president from the company’s sole proprietor and designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, on November 8. 

The news, which ran in Vogue Business on December 8, was confusing to people unfamiliar with the nuances of the French system. Wasn’t Daguzan already running things? Wasn’t C.E.O. the top job? It all seemed boring until, exactly two weeks later, the company announced that Daguzan was leaving the business and that Jacquemus, himself, would once again be president.