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Trouble in Camelot & Biden Exit Options

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The ad backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was jaunty, distinctive, and low-stakes. It stood out from the tedious onslaught of celebrities announcing their phony endorsements of mayonnaise and travel websites. Photo: Rebecca Noble/Getty Images
Peter Hamby
February 12, 2024

I spent most of Sunday, before the Super Bowl, slow-cooking seven pounds of pork butt and resentfully deciding which Joe Burrow T-shirt I should wear to protest the media’s slobbering obsession with the Kansas City Chiefs. One bright note: At least I wouldn’t have to think about the presidential campaign for a few hours. With President Joe Biden turning down a softball pregame interview with CBS, politics would not be on the menu.

That turned out to be wishful thinking. Late in the second quarter, American Values 2024, a Super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., cut through the clutter of another Temu-infected commercial break with a lively 30-second campaign ad touting Kennedy’s gadfly presidential bid. It was a reboot of a famous 1960 campaign spot run by his uncle, John F. Kennedy, a faux-newsreel scroll with tintype-looking photos of R.F.K. Jr., accompanied by a “Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy” jingle meant to evoke Camelot nostalgia.