WASHINGTON January 17, 2023
As the war in Ukraine grinds on, pressure is building on all sides for the Biden administration to begin negotiations with the Russians, if only to prove what everyone inside the White House, State Department, and Pentagon already knows: the Russians have absolutely zero interest in negotiating.
kevin mccarthy
WASHINGTON January 10, 2023
With the Speaker’s office on a MAGA leash, Hill insiders worry a shutdown is “guaranteed.” Others fear a disastrous debt ceiling debate, military spending freeze, or government funding limping along on continuing resolutions. Welcome to McCarthy’s Washington.
Lauren Boebert
WASHINGTON January 4, 2023
Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert might grandstand about their opposition to funding the Ukrainian opposition. But the reality is that the majority of our aid is being spent on munitions factories in the ruby red states of their allies.
Martin Kimani
WASHINGTON December 20, 2022
An exit interview with Martin Kimani, the Kenyan ambassador, on the U.N. Security Council, about playing China against the U.S., Africa’s debt conundrum, and standing up for Ukraine.
Yevgeny Prigozhin
WASHINGTON December 13, 2022
Evgeny Prigozhin, the terrifying and inscrutable muscle behind Russia’s most notorious mercenary group, has been the hidden hand behind some of the worst carnage in Ukraine—and an increasingly vocal threat to Putin, himself.
Brittney Griner
WASHINGTON December 8, 2022
Behind the scenes, the White House has alternated between pessimism and fury over Russia’s bad-faith negotiations, which is just how the Kremlin likes it. In the end, Biden had to settle for what he could get: a partial political victory.
Russian President Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON December 6, 2022
The West’s blunt new economic policy, designed to starve the Russian petrostate of its lifeblood, could be the end of the global oil market as we know it. The battle of wills is just beginning.
WASHINGTON November 29, 2022
Munitions are running low on both sides of the Ukraine conflict as military suppliers race to keep pace with Russia’s furious, WWI-like shelling. The artillery-heavy strategy is forcing the Pentagon to rethink its very notion of modern war.
Mark Milley
WASHINGTON November 22, 2022
Strategic differences between the Pentagon and the White House over the war in Ukraine illuminate the paradox of its endgame: How do you negotiate a peace that neither side can afford to win?
President Vladimir
WASHINGTON November 15, 2022
If there had been hope in Washington that the capture of Kherson would allow the Ukrainians to return to the negotiating table from a position of strength, that seems unrealistic now. From the Ukrainian vantage point, after all, what would they have to gain, when they still have so much to lose?
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