Like the Tim Scott crush over the summer, the Glenn Youngkin idea is mostly being peddled by rich country clubbers in the Republican donor set.
WASHINGTON October 2, 2023
Of course donors are salivating over Glenn Youngkin, the 6-foot-6 Harvard MBA and private equity billionaire-turned-Republican governor straight out of central casting circa 2012. But let’s be real: there is no electorate for Youngkin, no actual plan to draft him, and no logical process to do so.
The fate of Virginia House candidate Susanna Gibson, who live-streamed her sexual exploits with her husband, could impact Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s ability to enact a 15-week abortion ban.
MEDIA September 25, 2023
The weird, kinky case of Susanna Gibson—the nurse who filmed herself having sex with her husband while running for the Virginia state legislature—signals how far our political sex scandals have evolved, especially on the left, and especially in consequential elections.
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 28: Vice President Kamala Harris speaks onstage during a Pride Celebration hosted by the Vice President Of The United States and Mr. Emhoff in collaboration with GLAAD on June 28, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for GLAAD)
WASHINGTON September 18, 2023
Calls to drop Harris from the 2024 ticket are without modern precedent, fraught with risk, and run counter to every impulse that Biden holds dear. It’s fanfic for political hobbyists and it’s as predictable as it is pointless.
Ron DeSantis has only a faint whiff of the support he had earlier this year, and he could very well be lapped in the coming months by another workhorse rival.
WASHINGTON September 11, 2023
One of the bizarre ironies of DeSantis’s flaccid campaign is that the guy who wanted to out-MAGA Trump has ended up looking like Clinton: an overly professionalized Franken-candidate who could never conjure the enthusiasm of a more charismatic rival.
Sens. John Barrasso, Mitch McConnell, John Thune, and John Cornyn in 2016.
WASHINGTON September 5, 2023
Analyzing the post-McConnell sweepstakes.
WASHINGTON August 28, 2023
One of the laughable tragedies about this crop of G.O.P. presidential also-rans is that they all still believe that they’re still the outsiders they were, decades ago—you know, before politics became a batshit crazy spectacle, and they started to look a lot like the people they once disrupted.
Despite enduring months of bad headlines, Ron DeSantis appears to have put his supposed death march on pause.
WASHINGTON August 21, 2023
Scenes from the State Fair, where Vivek is the new Buttigieg, DeSantis keeps getting friend-zoned, the Trump-Scott ticket is a veritable conservative fantasy, and voters are decidedly undecided ahead of this week’s G.O.P. debate.
Biden understands he doesn’t need the media as much as they think he does.
WASHINGTON August 14, 2023
For Biden to win again, he must reach people who aren’t just news junkies, and his advisers are unapologetic about the importance of going around the Washington press to do it, their egos be damned.
New data suggests Iowa Republicans aren’t ready to let Trump coast to the nomination just yet.
WASHINGTON August 7, 2023
The bull case for overcoming Trump begins with winning Iowa, consolidating the vote, and then carrying momentum through the primary. But posing with butter sculptures and eating deep-fried Oreos isn’t what it used to be.
Can DeSantis pivot to the scrappy town hall strategy, fix his sagging poll numbers, and come back from the dead?
WALL STREET July 31, 2023
Allies have pointed to McCain’s 2007 campaign comeback as the “perfect example” of why DeSantis shouldn’t be written off. But, as someone who rode the bus with McCain during those bleak days, I can tell you the comparison is perfectly imperfect.
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