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WASHINGTON February 20, 2024
Exclusive new polling from Echelon Insights, in partnership with Puck, shows a significant Democratic enthusiasm deficit among two key demographics: Gen Z and Black voters. So why isn’t the White House all that worried?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
WASHINGTON February 12, 2024
On the R.F.K. Super Bowl ad family freak-out, Kennedy’s spoiler strategy, and the latest Democratic bed-wetting surrounding Biden’s age—and the magical thinking about how to replace him.
Trump is downplaying the importance of a vice presidential pick, which suggests he’ll ultimately select someone competent and boring—you know, the Mike Pence type.
WASHINGTON January 29, 2024
The media chatter around Trump’s vice presidential search is rightly derided as an overhyped and silly guessing game—the product of bored reporters and TV people paying way too much attention to a closely held decision that probably won’t matter anyway. But here we go…
Biden ran for president on the promise that voters wouldn’t have to obsess daily about the chaos in Washington. But he also ran as a bridge candidate, and that was long before a post-J6 Trump candidacy loomed as a viable option.
WASHINGTON January 22, 2024
An exclusive new poll from Echelon Insights, in partnership with Puck, offers up some spooky results for the Biden messaging machine. Likely voters are paying attention—but they are paying attention to Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley speaks at a campaign event following her third-place finish in the Iowa caucus on January 16, 2024, in Manchester, New Hampshire.
WASHINGTON January 16, 2024
Thoughts, theories, and takeaways from the least competitive primary contest in modern history.
Each night, the primary is routinely the third or fourth story on the network evening news broadcasts—a good indicator of how little appetite there is for Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley with national audiences.
WASHINGTON January 8, 2024
Alas, it has taken till Iowa for the national media to admit that not all races were built the same.
WASHINGTON December 26, 2023
In conversation with Tina Nguyen, author of ‘The MAGA Diaries,’ about the evolution of the modern conservative media machine, from Milton and Mises to Tucker and Trump.
Will young voters who are currently sour on Biden vote for him anyway in 2024 because they understand the stakes of the election?
WASHINGTON December 18, 2023
Yes, Gen Z has soured on the 81-year-old president. But Democratic strategists see a “reverse coattails” effect emerging in the data: an opportunity for the White House to tap local outrage to set up a national win.

President Joe Biden departs the White House on December 11, 2023.
WASHINGTON December 11, 2023
Professional Democrats are split between those with a near-religious conviction that Biden’s problems are overblown, and those who believe the freakout is justified. The polling is hard to wish away, but focus group testing suggests the reality isn’t so simple, either.
Chris Christie is betting on a town hall strategy in New Hampshire, and making appeals to independents and Republicans who want to put Trump in the rearview.
WASHINGTON December 4, 2023
A candid conversation with the two-time presidential contender about the delirious state of the ’24 race: his path to Super Tuesday, his beef with Nikki Haley, whether Trump should go to prison, and more.
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